Lucky Ferals was created to raise awareness and spread truth about feral cats. I was shocked to see how much misinformation exists about feral cats and how many myths are out there. Just as house cats have difference personalities, so do feral cats. Unfortunately, they are usually stereotyped by people who have the idea that they are all exactly the same. That is so very far from reality. Anyone who has interacted with ferals knows that.

Just the word “feral” strikes fear in many people and they envision wild vicious animals. The truth is usually the exact opposite – a feral cat is a FEARFUL cat. When you treat them that way, it can make all the difference in whether they trust you and will eventually interact with you. Once trained and socialized, feral cats are the smartest, wisest, and most polite, well-behaved cats you will ever encounter.

Stop shelters from euthanizing feral cats just because they are feral. Feral cats can be fabulous!