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In celebration of more than 1 MILLION video views and nearly 5000 subscribers, the Lucky Ferals YouTube Channel is having a GIVEAWAY! Win a whole bunch of FREE cat themed merchandise that’s perfect for back to school, back to work, or back to anywhere!

Here’s what you can win:
A cat backpack
A cat lunch box
A cat water bottle
2 cat spiral notebooks
1 cat mini spiral notebook
1 cat folder
1 cat pencil pouch
6 cat pencils
1 cat pen
6 cat/dog highlighters
cat post it notes
a pack of cat/dog stickers
2 Lucky Ferals stickers
4 Lucky Ferals buttons

Here’s how to enter:

1. Be a subscriber to the Lucky Ferals YouTube channel at

2. Leave a comment below this post letting me know about your cat(s), or a cat or cats that you once had, or that someone you know has, or that you would like to have.

I’m always talking about my cats, I want to hear about your cats!

Giveaway ends at 3pm Eastern Time on Thursday, August 24, 2017. One lucky random winner will be selected out of all eligible entries within 24 hours of the end of the giveaway. The winner will be notified via email within 24 hours of the winner selection and has up to 2 weeks to respond to the notification email and claim their prize. Any prize not claimed within 2 weeks is automatically forfeited and another random winner will be selected. Prize can only be shipped to a USA address. Prize cannot be shipped to an address outside of the United States.

PLEASE NOTE: Some of the comments/entries are held for moderation before appearing on the contest page. If you do not see your comment/entry appear right away, that is why. All comments/entries are usually reviewed and moderated within 24 hours and all will be reviewed and moderated before the end of the giveaway.


Lucky Ferals is a cat family vlog starring Stella, her boyfriend Boo, their sons Splash and Simba, and their older relative Hydrox (all formerly feral cats). Guest stars include Ditto, other feral cats from the local tribe, raccoons, possums, skunks, deer, geese, squirrels, birds, groundhogs, bugs, and more. Join them in their daily adventures. Tune in for cat product reviews, cat food reviews, live streams, giveaways, and lots more.

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  • My cat boots and my cat socks they passed away few years ago but they were awesome. They were very loving and kind they love to play and run around socks was a little bit Kamar like to sleep and lay on his back so you can rub his belly but none of the set none the less he was awesome. Boots had a difficult beginning his mom died during labor and his siblings also died he was the only Survivor he was nurtured by humans and so ready for adoption so all he knew was to be around humans. He love dogs he love other cats and children he was grey and white and very tall socks was a Maine Coon so he was big and beautiful with Tabby colors and very loving. I’ve had a few surgeries in my life and each time they spent every waking moment next to me when I was home recovering never leaving me alone making sure that if I look like I was struggling or in pain they will always get my sister who was always around helping me during this time. Boots was not camera shy he love taking pictures and socks well he was a chunky monkey who love to eat sugar-free icicles. I know he was strange. He had a string that he would walk around and his mouth and meow very weirdly with he loved history it got so gross he didn’t like anyone cleaning it it was like a safety blanket. The only one allowed to touch that string was his brother boots. They were both kind understanding and made me feel so secure and happy. I suffer depression and they made the hard times better.

  • I rescued 2 cats from the streets of Brooklyn; fed both of them daily and watched over them until a neighborhood organization Brooklyn FAT CATS (Flatbush Area Team for Cats) was able to pick them up and foster them. Fostering for both was one weekend. Neighbors fell in love with Oliver (part Maine Coon) and Duke, a handsome tabby like your Simba. Working with neighbors on Lincoln Road, I directed them to FAT CATS to TNR a colony of ferals. These ferals keep all of Lincoln Road in Prospect Lefferts Gardens here in Brooklyn rat/mice free.

    Me? My coop doesn’t permit animals. I’m hoping to find another job REAL soon– I need a job REAL SOON. MDs took a long time figuring out that I have migraines….If the coop ever changes? I’d like a Maine Coon rescue cat.

  • My cats range in age from 11 to 17 years old. The eldest is a muddled calico that was whisked away from certain death as a kitten. The second oldest is a gray and white girl that fled from abusive children and adopted my father as her human. The youngest is a long hair tabby point Siamese cross girl that I adopted from a rural farm.
    These ladies have kept me going through some very dark times in recent years.

  • My Lucky Feral is a 13 year old Tortie. Took her 10 years to feel safe enough to sit on my lap. Now she’s a cuddle bug. Love your video’s.

  • I use to have a cat named Mr. Pickles. He was a black and white cat and he was really chubby when we rescued him off the street. He was really sweet, and friendly. I was his favorite cause I was the only person he’d let rub his belly. Mr. Pickles died in 2014 when he developed kidney failure. He was really old when we rescued him. I still miss him. Since then, we haven’t gotten another cat.

  • I care for a large family of cats. There is my indoor bunch, and then I feed and water the yard cats. The yard cats know my voice, but they won’t approach me. Which is best, because I don’t want to bring anything nasty in to the indoor cats. JuneBug is the eldest…he’s 23 this year…and the twins Alpha and Bravo and sister Charlie are the youngest at not quite a year. Its a big family, luckily everyone is spayed or neutered so no more kittens!, and I adore them. We ALL love to watch your videos!

  • I have lots of cats but my main 2 are Genji who I rescued as a baby kitty from under a shed. He was the first cat I ever even touched and remains the most beautiful cat in the world. He can be a bit on the cranky side but as soon as he is sleepy you can love on him all you want. He meows at everything and has started sleeping on my Mac (I think in protest). I also have SheRa who I just rescued from outside after feeding her for about 9 months. I decided to bring her in because she stole her way into my van to take a nap and woke up when I was halfway to Wal-Mart. She is the most timid, sweet kitty ever and just wants to be held and petted. SheRa is currently deciding if she likes it inside.

  • Hi Lucky Ferals!!! I have really enjoyed watching your videos. We have 2 cats, Bruiser is a tuxedo and is 4 years old. Tangerine, aka Tangy, is an orange tiger that is almost one year old. He appeared on our porch last winter during a really cold spell. We brought him inside and he just melted my heart. He gives me head bumps and kisses all the time!

  • How exciting for you! 5000 subs and 1M views! I’m so happy for you and the fur fam! About my cat I lost my cat on Mother’s Day. She was almost 16 to Pancreatic Sarcoma. Pontouf. I had a black hole in my soul, my star had super novaed then imploded.

    So, I had to have a patch to get me over losing Pontouf so quickly. So I found Minou, who looks very similar to Pon. I drove 8 hours round trip to adopt her from a far away shelter. They thought she’s be a “lifer.” As no one wants an 11 year old cat. Her. Owner moved into assisted living and then died.

    She has a lot of issues to get through. A broken tooth, a mass on her tummy and a cyst on her head. So, she had blood work today and has surgery on the 22nd. Fingers crossed all will be well and the surgeries will go well. She’ll be put on something for the arthritis she has and she will be fine!

    She’s pretty loving for being in so much pain. Hopefully she will be happier when she’s tuned up!

    Love your fur fam and loving the Boo Chronicles currently.

  • I have one kitty and his name is kitty he picked it out himself he was a abandoned pet he did not upset allergies at all felt deeply in love with him I think feeling is the same he is a russian blue

  • I had three cats before I moved when my parents split. Jinx was the lazy fat one who loved to sleep on my brothers face (that’s how we found out he wasn’t allergic) you could also carry her anywhere
    Star was the second one who loved to follow us to and from the bus stop everyday. She loved to meow at everyone
    And there was bestie she was a cat who didn’t like anyone but my dad.

  • I’ve always had shelter kitties and among them two ferals! Currently I have Shadow – born in a shelter, she spent the first few months of her life in a tiny cage and was afraid of open spaces. It took her awhile to get used to a whole big house. Now she’s a big beautiful black long hair Maine Coon! And true to her name, she is definitely MY shadow. Next is Bootzie. She was rescued from a hoarder – one of 50 cats! She was in the shelter for almost 3 years, occasionally fostered and taken to PetSmart and Petco adoption events which is where I met her. She was very quiet, hiding in the corner of her cage. What a beautiful long hair tuxedo! The shelter folks said “Just foster her for a week.” That was a Sunday and by Thursday she found her voice… and hasn’t shut up since! I knew right then she would never be in a shelter again – she was home. She’s my little foster-gone-bad! Now there’s Syracuse, my orange tiger. Four years or so ago someone dumped this little wild kitten on our front step (I think it was someone in the neighborhood that knows I’m a cat person). It took TNR and three years, but now he enjoys a more -in-than-out lifestyle and sleeps with me every night.
    Your ferals are so lucky to have you and I spoil mine like you spoil yours!

  • I have 2 kitties. 1 bluepoint siamese, female Mia & 1 lynx point siamese male, Phoenix.
    Siamese need to have a buddy. Originally we had a male siamese that was alone & we got Mia our bluepoint for him. They were happy for years until Saki our male died. Mia became lonely & depressed so now we needed to find Mia a companion. I found a no kill animal sanctuary, one that I periodically give contributions to & to my surprise they had a Siamese kitten that a breeder didn’t find favorable. We brought him ,Phoenix home to Mia. It only took her a year to fall in love. She needed an adult boyfriend. Now he’s twice her size & they rule the house. But we never had children so they’re our kids! We love them sooooo much! There’s nothing like “kitty love”.

  • My feral cats name is Gingoz meaning sharp eye he was raised by my grandmother and followers her everywhere and does not ever attack her he has become so tame! He is black & white his sister is ginger & white which also grandma raised she is more timid but lets sharp eye guide her. A funny story my gran told me is they both climb the curtain and sharp eye never makes it to the top like his sister & falls to his feet everytime. I love Gingoz cause even though i have a low immune system i can pat him and play without fear of getting scrathed which could lead to me getting sick he gives feral cats a good name and heals any sadness i have :3 he was also the same kitten my grandmother and i chose and she took care of him until i got better from cancer.

  • I have 4 cats who live with me and my mum, 3 girls named Sweetpea, Fiji and Simba and a lovely boy named Nicky. At my grandma’s house I adopted 3 more feral cats called Fifi ( I know very similar to my own but she looks like a fifi) , Fina and Jeffery. So overall I look after and take care of 7 cats and I do not regret any of it. All my cats have different personalities, which is what makes them all unique. My mum has always been a cat lover since she was little, I guess it’s just passed onto me, I’ve always loved cats from as long as I can remember. Sweetpea is like the boss of the house, she’s honestly the queen of the cats and all my cats seem to always behave around her – which is always amazing for me ( less work ). Fiji and Simba are the babies of the house, even when they grow up, they’ll always be the babies…you can’t explain unless you have your own cats, but they are like my children, honestly. The last one is my boy Nicky. He is the oldest in the house, yet he’s the most gentle, shy, innocent cat I’ve ever come across. He’s so playful and will come and sleep on my chest when he’s tired. He’s a little grandpa, but he’s my angel and I love him. All my cats have a different personality, I just love my babies so much!

  • So many kitties, so little time. Always had a cat all my life. Current fur ball is Dante who looks just like Boo but completely black with dazzling green eyes. He still doesn’t like to be picked up or held, and it took about three years before he wanted me to pet him and to jump up on my bed. Now he can’t get enough.

  • I once had a fabulous cat, named Sugar, who would follow me everywhere, even into the bathtub. She took great pride in knowing we were both absolutely spotless, even grooming me at night while laying in bed. She was also known for trying to get my mom to stop smoking. She would take the cigarettes from my mom’s hand or sometimes even her mouth and hide them from her. She was a beautiful gray tabby who was taken from me far too soon.

  • I currently live in a place where I can’t have cats, but I did have the luck of growing up with grandparents who owned a farm. Getting to visit them and their barn cats are what gave me my love for the little critters! There were two leaders back then- Old Grey and Tinker. Old Grey was the warrior of the bunch. He was a tough Russian Blue who stood up to a fox and won. He also liked his chin scritches. Tinker was his second in command- a large, incredibly fluffy white and grey long hair known for sleeping in sunny spots with his tongue sticking out. He was such a patient cat with us kids. There were several other cats and kittens in the bunch, and many more stories that I can tell. I even learned how to raise kittens from neonates.
    That was actually how I got to meet one of my soulcats. He was found in our apple orchard, soso tiny and all alone. Ikuto was a black shorthair and he is the first cat I ever met that loved his belly rubbed. I miss him a lot.
    I’m really looking forward to having another cat in the future! Their companionship just makes life better.

  • I love your videos. My girl Sassie Mae was a stray kitten. She is eleven now. She still doesn’t trust people, but is very loving and gentle with me.

  • I have 2 cats a black and white named Rosie who just loves to melt into the couch and take relaxed to whole another level. I just started to feed her the Sheba perfect portions and she loves them. My other cat is a black cat called Athena. We found in the back yard of our neighbor with a bunch of her bothers and sisters. Her mother was caught by animal control so we took the kittens and found homes for all of them but kept Athena for ourselves. She is a bit standoffish but she loves my wife like no other cat I have ever seen. I cant ever see my life without a cat in it.

  • My beloved Echo, a cat I had for 14 years who passed away last year. He was a feral kitten I rescued and was the love of my life. He was a tuxedo and loved to eat popcorn and those cheese fish crackers. He loved me to swing him where I straddled him by the chest and his abdomen and I would swing him between my legs. Hed go limp and loved this activity. I taught him to sit on command and high five with hus paw. He had a cheshire grin and would greet me every day by the door when I got home. He loved me and I adored him and we were inseperable. Over the years I have adopted brother and sister, pye&bandit. Sisters roro&piper, mia, kyoko, diana, pepper jack and a young cat that my neighbors cruelly abandoned and I named kochum
    I love your videos and am so excited that I am not alone in my love of cats. I also adopted an abandoned chihuahua who thinks she is a cat. Thanks.

  • Hi there! Thanks for what you do. I really enjoy your youtube channel. I have a former feral too. His name is Cinco, and is solid black with green/yellow eyes. Boo reminds me of him. I have worked with Cinco from feral to PTSD support/service trained. He is amazing! It just goes to show, love training and support go a long way. As Best Friends Animal Society says, we can save them all!

  • We had 3 separate Feral cats show up at our doorstep roughly around the same time (2 were ‘close’ friends) and were so very hungry that we could not help but feed them. We thought they might just be passing through, but nope, they were there to stay. Actually, we were the day stop and where they went at night was anyone’s guess…that is until they began hanging around night and day. We are suckers for all animals and have a special affinity towards kitties, so we were enamored…and it seems, so were they.

    After working with them (outside) for near 10 months, we brought in the timid little girl who was freaked out, but took to my partner and would sleep on his stomach, The very first night she stayed with us, I think she was frightened since we had 3 other cats whom had watched and been introduced to our feral friends through the many months. That first night, she even peed on Don because she didn’t know quite what to do. LOL, so after a few more accidents she finally learned about the litter box.

    A few more months down the line and we brought in another one of the Ferals and his little girlfriend was delighted. So we all lived together until they died, one by one…sniff, sniff.

    Now we have Smokey Jones living with us and by that I mean he chose to move in with us even though he belonged to the family a few houses down. At first we thought him to be another Feral, but lo and behold a neighbor told us which family he belonged to. I spoke with the family and explained that he fell in love with one of our kitties, thus the attraction and they said they were just glad we were able to take care of him, since he didn’t much like their heir 3 huge black Labs. So ole Smokey has sorta kinda become a part of our household.

    I hesitate claiming he lives with us as he was raised kinda on his own and he really is a bit feral in total, so he comes and goes according to his own schedule.

    If you were wondering about the 3rd Feral, well I brought her inside and actually domesticated her so well that she would jump up into my lap pretty soon after coming inside. But due to our limited space and an overabundance of feline companionship, I found her a forever home through a local shelter.

  • I current have one cat named Sassy, that I’ve had for almost 15 years! I am also a foster mom for my local humane society so every few weeks I have a different round of kittens in it! Right now I have two 10 week old kittens I’ve raised for 6 weeks that get to be neutered next week and adopted out and I’ll get to help new motherless kittens! Fostering is so rewarding!

  • My joys in life are my two kitties 😊.
    1st is Gato he is 14 1/2 yrs old black n white tux. He was found on the side of the 18th green (golf course) with a brother and sister in Arizona. He has been back and forth across the US with me several times. He is definitely my comforter 😊
    Then came my Misty girl a grey and white tux. She was born on Easter Sunday ’15.
    I had to move back to Cali to care for my mom. A friend of mine had a cat that had kittens and she asked if I knew anyone that would want to take a kitten…. well, I went over to see the babies and seen that sweet little grey fluff and instantly fell in love 😍.
    I told my friend she was mine and not to let anyone take her…lol. I did help her find homes for the other babies. When she was old enough to be brought home she stayed very close to me and would not go to anyone but me 🤗. She is definitely all girl … very “girly” cat talk. And when she sits in front of me she puts her little paws together and turns her head at a slant and looks up at me. I am the lucky one… because of Gato and Misty they both have my heart 💗.

  • Boo reminds me of my kitty Oreo. I got to know him while on a business trip in Romania – his cat colony hung out behind my hotel. At the time, he was a kitten and you could see his ribs – the weaned kittens in the colony were skinnier than the adults who were big enough to jump inside the garbage dumpsters for food. Oreo would come running up to me for food, but hissing at the same time – poor guy, seemed so conflicted about trusting a human! During my time by wonderful coincidence an Italian animal trap-neuter-release organization was there trying to trap some of the colony
    – they helped me make arrangements so Oreo could fly home with me. Oreo was the only one in his colony who trusted me enough to pick him up. The night before I left, Oreo and I slept in the hotel bathroom – I didn’t want to mess up the hotel room. I woke up hearing a loud strange sound – it was my Oreo purring. He only lived to be 13 years old – he died due to an embolism in his leg. But I hope I helped him have a nice life. When he cuddled with me, he would purr and drool – so funny and cute.

  • Four cats live with us. Isabella was born to a feral mother and came to live with me as a kitten in 2002. Then there is Mama Cat who got into our house, She went straight to the car food and got back in the house faster than I could shut the door. She announced she was staying. She must have been abandoned because she was not afraid of people, knew that humans know how to feed cats, and she knows how to purr at The People to get her way. She was inside/outside until we noticed she was pregnan, We adopted out all but one of her litter, Baby Cat, – DOB: 9/5/200 who lives with us. Sheddy is a TNR cat who lived in our shed and comes inside for meals. We think she might be abandoned as she is not scared of humans and sometimes will snuggle with the Peoples .

  • My cat journey all began with my childhood cat Binx. She was all black, born on valentines day. We named her after Thackery Binx in the Halloween movie, Hocus Pocus. As a kid I never heard that black cats were “bad luck”. It wasn’t until I was older that I started to realize how much of a sad impact that crazy notion has on cat adoptions. My childhood cat Binx passed away at the age of 16. She was half indoor half outdoor, never left the yard. She just loved to sun bathe! Fresh out of high school, I visited a local pound not thinking about getting a cat. My little girl was the last in her litter. She had been born in the pound and wasn’t chosen because of her black fur. It would kill any person with a heart to know that the color of her fur affected her finding a home. Thank goodness I got her though! Took her home and named her Alice after Alice in Wonderland. She is quite the curious one. a year later, on my birthday, my boyfriend suggested we go give the cats and dogs some treats in hopes to make their days any better at all. For an animal lover, it’s always dangerous to go into the pound and not come out with another fur baby. My boy was the only cat in the whole pound, a kitten as well! It’s always strange to see an adoptable kitten by itself, that has been there for weeks. Kittens get adopted fast. Yet again, he was black as well. I held him once, and he refused to get back in the cage. So… I took him home! His name is Oliver and he is now 1 and a half years old! Alice is 2 and a half! My cats help me through my bipolar disorder, anxiety, and depression. They’re registered emotional support animals! I think that’s so neat, THEY HAVE THEIR OWN JOBS! Cats like having jobs, yet they’re no ambassador.

  • I love watching you socialize ferals! In my neighborhood we have a TON of cats, all strays, but they keep the mouse population down so we all do our part to take care of them! Anyway, there’s a cat that especially likes our house, her name is Suzy and she’s a lovely calico, and while she was pregnant she loved sunbathing on our front porch (don’t worry, she’s since been spayed!) She loved getting little scratches whenever we went in/out of the house, and I still see her around the neighborhood from time to time.

    I’ve also had 3 house cats before, Pepper a stern young Russian blue who was fiercely independent, Simba who was skittish and had perfect little socks, and Tigger, who was older with many health problems but still gave as much love as any other cat. They’re all gone now, and I miss them dearly, but at least they’re all together again.

    I can’t wait to have my own place, because I really want to adopt an older cat, especially a black cat like Boo. I know a lot of people think they’re bad luck, or even that they’re evil? But I know what that feels like, to have people judge you before they even get to know you, so I want to give cats that otherwise live out the rest of their days in a shelter, a chance. Also what’s not to love about senior cats! They’re a lot calmer, you already know their personality, and they’re great for cuddling :3

    Anyway, thanks for letting me ramble on about the cats in my life (or that soon will be!) I always love talking about cats!

  • My late cat Blaze was a stray mixed tabby who hung around my apartment building back in the 90’s. I fed ferals/strays back then but Blaze was special. He immediately allowed me to pet him and was affectionate in return, I think someone dumped him. Anyway, he’d sneak into my building while I was at work and would be lying on the welcome mat outside my place when I got home. I already had one cat, Samatha, but Blaze finally convinced me to adopt him. After I had him neutered, there were some rocky moments while he and Samantha got used to each other, but they finally worked things out – she mostly ignored him. I had them both for 6 years, then Samantha died. I had Blaze for another 3 years, then I had to have him put down due to lung cancer. (no, I’ve never been a smoker) I miss him sooooo much. I’d always adopted or been given cats before that. Blaze CHOSE me, the only cat who’s ever done that. That made him very special to me.

  • I have never owned any kind of cats, however, I have always admired and loved cats ever since I was lil. The only time I get to be around cats are the ones I feed around my neighbor with boyfriend on and off. Also, the ones that hangout in the bodega (corner stores) that are so sweet and just walk up to you just to get petted. My boyfriend even have a warm spot for them, even though, he is quite allergic and still helps me feed strays from time to time. It is one of the things I love about him that cats has brought us farther together.

  • My cat is Sam, he is all gray whiskers included. I adopted him from a rescue, it was love at first meow. He is sleeping next to me as I write this. He is my best friend

  • My wife whom lives away from me due to immigration issues,recently had to put down her Black Cat..I only knew him from being on facetime and the videos and photos she sent me,but he felt like my animal and I cried just as she did when he passed away..I was amazed how much it affected me having never even touched him before.But he would recognize my voice when she put the phone down and he’d bump his noise to the screen ..and loved the box a pair of boots i bought my wife came we always said I bought them both a gift.I’ll miss the little guy..and it all happen recently as I discovered your channel..I havnt decided yet if it helps seeing boo and the videos about him or makes me stay emotional of his passing..But I continue to watch in fascination none the less..

  • I have 4 cats. Doyle is my Maine Coon who I have had since he was a three day old foster kitten with pneumonia. He is my “asthma cat” in that he wakes me up to let me know when I am having an attack in my sleep.

    Charlie was a feral foster kitten who was so sick he was not expected to make it. He pulled through and became totally social. He also bonded so closely to my niece (who lives with me) that there was no way we could seperate them.

    Nigella was a feral kitten trapped in my yard. She never socialized enough to go up for adoption and health issues kept her from being a barn cat. So she stayed semi-feral and stayed with me.

    George is my other feral boy. He was a full grown tom cat when he moved to my yard. After about a year, he decided to move inside. He has a ways to go before he is social but he us happy and safe.

    My cats are all misfits that would have trouble finding a home through traditional shelter setings but I love them dearly.

    Fingers crossed that we win tge prize. The water bottle is adorable. I drink out of water bottles all the time because joint issues make me prone to dropping stuff. >^..^<

  • I remember back when I was 14 years old, I lived in a three-family home. The family on the first floor recently had a baby, and the baby was allergic to cats, so the family had to throw him/her out. It was really sad because the man from the first floor kept yelling at the cat telling it to get out, to get away from the house. I called the cat Jayden and I always assumed the cat was a boy. He was a black cat (Boo reminds me a lot of him, but he had yellow eyes). I was raised without any pets around the house, so I didn’t really know how to act around cats or dogs or how to pet them (still a bit awkward around them today, but mainly with dogs because I love cats), but whenever I got back home from high school, Jayden would be there and he would rub up against me. There was hard food left out by the first floor family, but I didn’t think it was enough, so I always went down to the convenience store to buy him some wet food. He was really sweet and I stayed out there for a while just to pet him and give him some love as well as play with him (I didn’t have cat toys so I used a long piece of wheat to flurry around). Summer time then came, and I had to move. We were packing stuff into our car and I guess Jayden sensed that we were leaving, or at least something was happening, so he jumped on top of our car as if to say “please don’t go” or “take me with you.” But unfortunately we couldn’t take him with us because we didn’t have the financial means to. Looking back at it now, 5 years later, I hope he’s still alive and well. I hope he’s found a new home where his family loves him, or that the previous family had a change of heart and took him back in or that he at least got taken into a shelter. The winter in New England in the urban areas can get a bit harsh, and there was like 4 feet of snow that winter. If I could just miraculously find him one day, I would take him in in a heartbeat.

  • My cat is Amūras. This name translated from Lithuanian language means Cupid. He’s the most hyperactive cat in the world! Amazing hunter and even better pillow..When he sleeps with me I always cuddle him, because how can you refuse, he’s so soft! I love my cat very much 🙂

  • The first cat I ever had was a sweet shy tuxedo boy named Pigpen. (He earned his name by lounging in his litter box as if he were at the beach lol). He passed away at age 15 last year and I miss him every day. He was a gentle soul who always came running to me if he saw that I was in pain or was sad . Piggy adopted my second cat , Norton, an orange tabby who I brought home as a kitten because his owner was going to have him put down just because he was born with a crippled paw. He would wash Norton from head to toe as if he were a mother cat and even tolerated his attempts to nurse on him which left swirls in the fur on his side. It always made me laugh to see him grooming Norton like a kitten even when Norton grew to be almost twice Pigpen’s size! Last is my sweet black formerly feral girl Lilith , who I adopted last summer from the Humane Society . She had been brought in by the animal control officer after being hit by a car and is now a beloved member of my family .

  • I had adopted a pair of brothers last year. I wanted a cat for emotional support and got two because it’s double the kitten loving. Last year during Halloween, I dressed them up in pet costumes and took them around to go “trick or treating” as a fun thing for myself. I loved how people responded when they opened up the door and saw a pair of very fluffy kittens dressed up as a ladybug and a bumblebee. They brought so many smiles and laughs that night. I am so glad that I have my furr babies.

  • I have 6 cats 3 are foster fails. I foster for my local Humane Society so there are always kittens coming and going in our home and lives. One of my foster fails lived with me all her very short life I fostered her from 2 days old she had an eye infection that wouldn’t go away so she ended up losing that eye. Her name was Indigo and she was the most beautiful blue color and her eye color was grey. She had a rough start in life and she had many health issues so I chose to adopt her instead of stressing her with moving out and getting used to another life. She developed more issues and lost her fight one day short of turning 5 months old. I considered stopping fostering, but in her honor I continue. My kids call me a crazy cat lady I don’t mind, cats are wonderful.

  • Vedalia here, one of your subscribers! This is a great giveaway!! Today is my bday, too!
    My kitty was 16 when she passed… she was a black and white short haired domestic and she was like the daughter I never had (I have 2 adult sons but they grew up with Rebee) and she was so beautiful! I loved her very much and she loved me! I remember on one occasion where I was really upset about something and I was crying… my Rebee came up to me and put her paw on me! I would throw a twisty tie, and she would retrieve it like a doggie and bring it back to me! She would also shake my hand!

    I want to thank you for sharing your adventures with your kitties… I always look forward to watching your vids! Thank you, also, for having such a cool giveaway! Good luck to everyone!

  • My Dad is allergic to cats so I never had a cat. But when I was younger and my family didn’t have anyone to look after me they’d drop my off at my Aunt’s house who had 2 cats named Mickey and Genie. Genie I don’t really remember much of since she avoided all contact with humans unless there was food involved. But Mickey, oh boy, Mickey wanted all the attention. My Aunt had a big fluffy Chow Chow, an old lady that liked to play catch, would get chased away by Mickey if he felt he wasn’t getting enough attention. Surprising thing is Mickey was actually a feral cat who just showed up one day at my Aunt’s house. Normally the feral cats in her neighborhood are very skittish, usually avoiding humans. We didn’t know how old Mickey was, just that he was old. So when he passed away, it was almost surreal to me. Mainly because I still a child at the time but also because he was pretty darn energetic. I remember whenever I felt sad cause my parents dropped me off old boy Mickey would come over and lay across my lap, letting me pet him for awhile. I miss Mickey but he is joined by both Genie and Lady (the Chow Chow).

    Also I wanted to mention that before my Aunt’s neighbor moved she had a cat named Lefty who was just the definition of smug. He was an orange tabby that scared the coyotes that lived near the area and every other dog in the neighborhood. (Lefty’s owner let him go outside.) He would wander into my Aunt’s jungle like backyard as if he owned the place. He would also scratch people if he didn’t want the attention, including his owner. Thing was, he never scratched me and I can’t tell if it was cause I gave him food or if he actually liked me. (Probably the food.) Anyways I just wanted to mention him cause I don’t think he was use to humans. He was always wandering around outside, even at night. And I think even if I can’t be near him right now or ever, he deserves some love. Just like any cat tbh.

  • My beloved cat who I nicknamed Boo died in December. I had him for eleven years. He was a sensitive sweet boy who followed me around the house and could not bear to be away from me. He reminds me of Splash.
    Now I have an orange and white cat who is a total head case. If you tell him to stop doing something he growls and goes after you. I also have a seven month old kitten who is wild but also sweet.
    I feed outside cats and have rescued a few over the years. I love watching your channel and reading the comments because I feel a kinship with you & your viewers. No cat is ‘just a cat’ to me. And any time I see a cat I always check to make sure it seems in good shape. I even feed neighborhood outside cats because I can’t help myself.

  • I unfortunately can’t have cats because my son is superrrr allergic to cats. He gets all puffed up and has trouble breathing. Breaks my heart to see how bad he gets and how badly I want a cat! We use to have a cat Pepper that would get into everything. I’d open up the trash cabinet and he’d be chilling in it. Once he even got into the silverware drawer when he was super little. Loved that cat to pieces. Though had no idea he was triggering my little man’s allergies so badly. He was a bit wild and finally went into outdoor only mode which broke my heart because I prefer cats to be inside and safe. He still came back around to my parents house a year ago and was looking pretty well fed and happy. Hoping he’s still out there roaming around and getting into silly places.

  • My cat was a pure black cat with golden eyes, named Osiris. He was always there with me through bad and good times. Miss my wee boy.

  • I have 4 cats. One of my cats is named Gizzy and I rescued her off of the streets when she was 10 weeks old. She was born with a congential heart defect and will not live a long life. She is on 4 types of medicine daily. She sees a pet cardiologist on a regular basis. Despite all of this Gizzy is the most playful, happy and loved cat. She does not know her heart isn’t the right size or shape. She does not know she will not live until 20.

    Gizzy will celebrate her 3rd birthday in a few months and we are so lucky she is still with us.

    I love you Gizzy!

  • I have a cat name Lovebug, or Lulu for short. Funny story, she actually picked me! I had just lost my cat in October of 2008 after he got out of the house and was hit by a car ( D’: ) so I took my Christmas money from my family (I was 15-16 years old) and went to the local cat rescue to adopt a kitten. There were so many kittens, of all colors and sizes and fluff! So I’m sitting in the cat room, playing with different kittens when I spot this cute little tabby wandering around. I engaged her in play, and picked her up to see her aaaand she fell asleep in my lap. Not really wanting a lap cat, I put her down on a cat bed so that she could continue to nap and I could say hello to some other kitties! Well…to my surprise, not even a minute later that little tabby jumped up into my lap, looked me right in the eye and said “Mreow.”, then curled back up on my lap and went to sleep. Needless to say she went home with me that day! She’s been the best cat <3 She'll be turning 9 in September!

  • Hi,
    I love watching Lucky Ferals. My lucky kitty is named Bella and she lives up to her name. She is a dilute torte, mostly gray with swirls of orange and beige, she’s very beautiful. She is a terrible treat monster and demands Temptations several times a day. She is my constant companion. I’m recovering from surgery and she is by my side 24/7. Much love,
    Bella’s Mom

  • I have 3 cats.
    Pink is almost 7. She is white with ice blue eyes. She is a former feral, and not because she lived outside. She was feral due to t h e neglect at a shelter. She adopted as soon as I walked in. I had to wait a month to get her, still due to the shelter’s neglect. We bonded through playing fetch.
    Joe is 3.5. He adopted me at 2 days old. We lived at a homeless shelter that had a kennel, and a cattery for member’s pets. He was born there. He is white, with a grey tail, grey ears, 2 grey patches on his head. He s spoiled rotten.
    Squeaky is 2.5. She is my petite grey stripey. She is also a former feral. She is the mighty mighty hunta kitteh. Her favorite toys are her prey. They have no chance against her.

  • People who’ve known me the longest probably know that I was the hugest dog enthusiast as a kid, like, memorizing all the breeds, watching the dog show reruns every Sunday morning bright and early, the whole works. I even had a spy dogs comic book idea I’d fleshed out in my earliest salvageable drawings.

    But come high school, after joining the same shelter as my sister and, nnnnnnot doing so well with all that doggy energy and pawing and jumping, I got moved to the cats section upstairs.


    Oh I was just in heaven. Sure, it was heavy work! Litter box cleaning was not for the faint-hearted, but we sanitized with gusto. We had our laundry room on practically 24-7, always replacing sheets so no little kitty went without a soft clean bed and comfy blankets, multiple times a day in case of accidents. If you so much as turned around, loose kibble could be flying just about anywhere, in all the weirdest places (the back of your shirt is an option that’s not off the table). Cleaning the floors, cleaning the windows, cleaning the kennels, re-cleaning those litter boxes, oh the work was endless!

    But in exchange, you could sit in a room of purring delightful sweethearts who wanted nothing but your love and attention. Like, Nebraska, that puddle of petting joy. Liberty, the teeniest little momma cat and her plucky little litter. Mushi, ferocious ball of hissing, swiping, and shrieking that, with patience and a loving voice became my best friend. Bacall, loudest meower in all the country by far, and biggest threat to any pillows that reached his claws. Kit and Kat, the fateful sisters that nearly almost became adopted into our own home with the way they stole me and my own sister’s hearts. And Spongebob, I can’t forget him – our famous TV news sensation, who surprised us all with his diet progress from his 33lb start, as he leaped his own foot-tall fence with grace, defended all cats from “the evil broom,” and made the most purr-filled happy participant for brush grooming on-demand.

    In only a year and a half of my time there, I couldn’t name just one cat to fawn over. You could ask any of my friends for a heart confirmation, because they sure weren’t spared from my proud rambling speeches of my new cat family and all their progress, from scared little bundles to vibrant, loving cats ready for homes to match.

    And to think it’s all because of my love for dogs!

  • I have 2 indoor cats, Meeka and Zaya. Plus I have 3 TNR kitties outside. Samson, Sassy and Charlie. Meeka is FIV+ and had to have all her teeth removed last year. She’s doing great now. Zaya is 6 months old and she’s my little shadow. She likes to play in the tub and she plays fetch. Her favorite toys are the ones I make for her. I have a carport that’s enclosed on 3 sides. That’s where I feed Samson and Charlie. Sassy gets fed on my back patio because even though she’s super sweet, she doesn’t like other cats. And Samson was a TNR kitty who already lived in this neighborhood before me and I’ve lived here since 2010. It took quite a few years but he finally let’s me pet him. But he definitely has trust issues still. I love animals but have always preferred kitties. I also dog sit 4-5 days a week. Which is great because the cats and dogs get to mingle.

  • Hello!

    I’ve never had a cat myself. My mom is not a very big fan of how much they shed.
    My mom’s friend, however, has an 18-year-old cat who I’ve known for basically my whole life. She loves to lay near or on you; if you’d let her and while she’s near you, she is a very big fan of attention.
    The other day, she jumped up from a chair and onto the kitchen table. From there, she ran across the counter and onto the stovetop. My mom’s friend was making meatballs at the time and the stove was on. I sort of panicked, but it turns out that she does this all the time.
    She is a very spry old cat, even though she’s been sick lately. She can’t seem to keep her food down and is losing weight.
    Even so, she loves to play. There was a toy on a string which she loved to play with, but she ripped the toy off the end.
    She used to always meow to be let out whenever someone was anywhere near the door. Now that she’s older, though, she seems to want to stay in more.
    I once did some cat-sitting, and she spent the whole night following me around and fell asleep on my lap once I’d settled down.
    I live in Canada, so I’m not eligible for the contest, but I wanted to share my love for this wonderful cat nonetheless.

  • I’m 17, and I finally got my first cat! I’ve always had such a huge obsession with cats when I was younger and my mom finally gave in. Well, before that in my city they brought in a new shelter and I went almost everyday to see this one tuxedo named ratina. I fell in love with this cat, the cat loved me back too. But long story short I had to wait 3 months before I could get her so august 23. Over the months the cat and I became closer, she had been adopted for a day once and then brought back in because the dad didn’t want her. I thought this was a sheer sign that I’d be getting her and she wouldn’t be adopted before I could get her. But, early July rolled around and well she was adopted. I was devastated- but shortly realized that she finally got sent to a good home and I should be happy for her. Well after a few weeks of coming in trying to find the perfect cat for me, a cat came in middle of July. Her name was Oreo and she just sat in the back of her cage and stared at whoever came by. So after a few days I was very interested in her, and started to open the cage door to pet her. She didn’t hiss but let me pet her and would purr her head off. When I was gone on my vacation for a whole week (the reason I couldn’t get ratina right away) Oreo stayed. Well when I got back I went in that weekend and adopted her. The people there were all exited and cheering me on for finally being able to adopt! Surprisingly I thought Oreo would be a cat who hides under my bed 24/7 but she’s shocked me. The first day we had her she did do this, but in the following days she explored my room. (Now this is a fairly big bedroom I’d say master bedroom size, so honestly against the rules of bringing home a new cat) but she’s adjusted very well! And within a month of having her she’s already a very sweet loving cat and makes me smile everyday I walk in to see her. She’s my sunshine. Although she still hisses at the dog, that’s okay. With time they’ll be best of buds! Thank you for listening to my little kitty story! -annalise

  • We currently have two cats. Raisinette aka Punky Puss and Sweetie. Both are rescued from the streets. Punky is a black & white cow cat and Sweetie is an orange Tabby. Punky is the daughter of Raisin, our sweet Baby Boy who went over the Rainbow Bridge last October. He was a 22 lb. very feral cat, who my hubby was even scared of at first…lolol! Punky followed her Dad over to our house when she was a juvenile. We knew she was his. Yes, ferals can be trained and they become some of the most grateful animals. We LOVE the Lucky Ferals so much, that even our dog Hannah watches! It’s absolutely true…I usually ask her in the morning if she wants to watch. If I win the back pack, I am going to use it for a child this Christmas, as a gift under a Giving Tree. Thank you for your videos!

  • I love Lucky Ferals. I love the kitties! I can’t have a cat but my brother has a male named cougar. My brother is a National Park Ranger and Cougar, his kitty boy, gets to be a National Park Kitty! I also get to pet sit for a friend and she has a Kitty Boy named Midnight! He is the sweetest and lovey covey Kitty!

  • At present I have 26 babies; all rescues, but 18 are from a farm owned by a woman I used to work for. 15 were born to feral parents and three were thrown out there. Initially the local shelter (I thought) had told me they could take kittens, but when I arrived with them, they were full, so my guys got names and a permanent place with me. 5 are special-needs and there are 5 with permanently damaged eyes from the old woman’s misguided care. At one point I adopted out 3 boys, but they came back months later because the people were “too busy” for them… and they had been neglected and were sick. One is still very ill five months later.

    I have wonderful stories about each of them, but for now I will just tell you their fun names [brackets mean littermates]:
    [NicholasNickodemus, Macduff], PetiePie, [Fiona, Spankers], Malachi, MaggieMae, Genevieve, [Tristan, JoeyBean, SusieQ], MariahStarshine, Zebediah, DuncanKitty, [ChrysanthemumPearl, Nefertiti, GreyMorgan, TigerBrown, Giovanni, StuieToo], [KahelaKay, SteviePea], [Percival, BuzzwellMaxximus], Antoni(oni)o, and EddieBugs. I wish I could include pictures. One glance at Macduff or Fiona would explain the name!

    Theirs are wonderful stories, and although some have sad or heartbreaking bits among their stories before I rescued them, none of them seem to remember those, none of them are slowed down by problems they were handed, and they all hold my heart together with their love. And purrrrrs!

    Thanks for your vlog – I have absolutely been loving it!

    Oh, and, I am very, very interested in learning how I might buy a set of those 4 pins of your cats, whether I win or not!!

  • I love what you are doing for feral cats! You have inspired many people to look at them in a different light. August 17th was National Adopt a Black Cat Day. I went that day to our SPCA and fell in love with a small female black cat who had been there over a year! Emmy is 9 years old and a real trooper – before being there, she was a stray. The wonderful people at CVSPCA were happily shocked to get her finally adopted. Emmy has happily settled in her forever home, as an indoor cat. God bless you for inspiring others to adopt ferals, strays and cats of all ages from non-profit rescues. Please keep up your excellent example!

  • Good job on 1.000.000 views I love cats and it would mean the world to me if I won I have been watching you since 100 subs💙💛💚

  • Hi my name is Lillie and I love your videos. I have to watch every day !
    I have 3 cats that took us in, one of them is a feral tuxedo and he is beautiful, at first he was so afraid of us and a year later he is on our laps and at times in our bed..We love them all and they are all spoiled. I can’t wait until Boo is tame and in your home with the rest of your babies.
    Hope you had a wonderful time at CatCon…

  • i have had many kitties over the years but I have 3 cats currently, 1 adopted and 2 stray/feral.

    Adopted is named Pebbles she is a tiny little calico, she will be 19 and shes the most adorable and peaceful kitty. She used to have a brother witch we adopted with her but unfortunately he was to adventurous and would leave the property for hours a day, he was hit by a car one night and a neighbor found him and brought him home. Pebbles will let you do anything to her and will not bite you and loves to sneak food away from you and drink from the tub.

    One feral we got we named Shadow. she is all black like boo, she came to us one fall starving and skinny as a stick, she was losing her hair and voice. We knew she was around because we saw little grease footprints in the BBQ. she would follow or ‘shadow’ us from the edge of the woods when we would walk our yard. one night something spooked her and she tried jumping through a screened window, clawing up the screen we went outside, was able to catch her and bring her in and she has never gone outside since. now she is so lovable and fat.

    Final feral came to me last winter, another beautiful calico mixed with something(looks like cookie dough). Like shadow we found grease footprints one night. so we started leaving cat food out for her. Over 2 weeks we would watch her and give her food. When heavy winter came i built her a little plastic tub house to keep her safe and warm. One night raccoons came and was terrorizing her in her home. She had apparently brought some cat food inside her home somehow and was trapped in there. I came out with a broom and scared away the raccoons and when they were gone i turned around to find the little kitty in a ball next to my legs and rubbing against me like i was her guardian and she was thanking me. She actually followed me in that night and wouldn’t leave my side. at that point she realized the house meant warm and safe and now she is so lovable and cuddly although still somewhat jumpy. she even got along with the other cats perfectly, now she sleeps on my mother every night lol. We named her Tali the calico or what we say “tali cali” 🙂 we wouldn’t have it any other way. we love our kitties.

  • I currently have a cat my son called mochi I have had him for a little more than a year. Sort of sad but his father abandoned him when mochis mom was pregnant in winter. The way I adopted him was my mom going to my acquaintances house because she had heard that they had cats. My mom ended up liking this gray cat and since he is so squishy I decided to call him mochi after a few days of having him. My cat mochi is gray with a white stomach and gray Jellybean paws and with a cute purple collar. He is very attached to my family and loves going outside but I get kinda paranoid he might leave but he doesn’t he loves to lick me and rub imhis head on me well really his body. Hope you enjoyed my story

  • Hello Lucky Ferals

    I love to talk about my cats as well. I take care of three outdoor feral cats and I have one formal stray that I rescued when she was 7 weeks old and now she runs the whole house. Her name is Roxy and I found her outside of our local library meowing loudly. Two little girls had put her there. I burst into tears when I saw this poor baby. Her eyes were sealed shut and she was very thin. We got her to the vet and they told us she was dehydrated and I had to syringe feed her for about a week. She also had a bad upper respitory infection so we took care of that as well. After a little tlc she was good as new. Roxy just turned 7 years old in July. I’m so lucky and happy that we found each other.

  • I’ve had so many cats that I didn’t really know which one to tell you about. It should have been obvious.

    Let’s talk about Diana! She was the smallest black cat I’ve ever seen. She ate fine but she never seemed to put on weight. She had naturally bad teeth and it took a lot to make sure she wasn’t in pain when she ate. She had the most annoying, shrill meow of any cat I’ve ever met – and my entire family loved it, as long as she wasn’t meowing at two in the morning.

    Diana had an identical sister named Gilda who escaped the house and never came back. I was probably two at the time. In pictures, no one can tell the two apart.

    The best thing about Diana was that, when my brother and I were sick, she had a natural inclination to snuggle and take care of us. Her purr was a lot like her meow – ear-shatteringly loud – but it was nice when we were sick. She was also the best hunter I’ve ever met; no other cat has even come close. My first house had the occasional mouse, which lasted maybe a few days before Diana came in to take care of the problem. She probably loved my mom the most, as was evident by her need to present only my mom with her hunted mice.

    She died a few years ago. My dad buried her in a shoebox full of red heart-shaped glitter. I know there was a lot I got wrong in caring for her since this was before I had the know-how to really make a cat happy, but somehow that scrawny kitty lived to be eighteen years old.

    I miss my dumb baby cat.

  • I had 2 sister cats they where my life pinky and daisy. They live to the wonderful old age of 15 and 16. They past exactly 1 year apart my heart was broken. Then i came home to a feral cat that my dad brought home he is the new love of my life. I whatch luckyferals and it reminds me of when Alfred frist came home. But he is fat and happy now.

  • I had a cat named Pepper. And I got him as a Christmas present when I was 5 years old. He was grey and white. Just a tiny kitty when I got him. He loved me and I loved him. Pepper slept with me at night. I spent a lot of time with my cat. He was so loving. I miss him. And I have dreams about Pepper, because I still think about him.

  • Absolutely love your channel – 3 cats of my own who I’ve adopted. I have since resuced 3 older cats and have too, fallen in live with them. Thank yoiu for al that you do!

  • I have three sweet little fur babies who are the sunshine in my life. Two tuxedo brothers and a ginger/white brother from another mother. I very much enjoy your channel and your compassion for your little sweethearts. I live in Canada so can’t win your give away but I wanted to say thank you for all you do and for sharing your videos with us. You brighten my days. Thank you.

  • I love all animals but in the last 4 years I have really been in love with cats. I’m from Toronto Canada. I’m trying to educate people in my parents homeland, Greece about spaying and neutering feral cats. More importantly we are trying to educate the chidren that cats are not diseased and that we need to take care of them by loving and feeding them, and of course by even teaching young children about spaying and neutering. We also educate them about why they should adopt and not buy an animal from a pet store. By the end of this year the animal rights private groups in Greece are estimating that there will be over 100000 stray cats. It brings me to tears when I visit. Anyhow, I wish I could do more for these beautiful animals. They have no voice but ours to fight for them, to live. May God Bless every stray cat and dog in this world, by crossing their path with a kind and compassionate human to help it survive. The cat I rescued died after 16 years in my arms. I will never forget him, his name was Pippi. I loved him.

  • Hello! Thank you so much for your lovely work with feralsand all your wonderful videos! I have two lucky cats, Felix and Fannie! Felix was in a screening of Shelter Me on PBS, which I didn’t know about until after I adopted him! He probably would have been euthanized due to the stress in the animal control shelter, but Cat Town Cafe here in Oakland, CA gave him a second chance, and soon after landed in my arms!!!!! Next came Fannie, a black and white fluff cat that is FIV+, who plays with Felix and is my strong female feline who snuggles with me and is a delightful member of our family. August 26th will mark the 1 year anniversary that she has joined our diverse family! Cat Town also gave her a second chance, and without hesitation I knew she was the second cat destined to be a part of our household….. they know your voice and sometimes watch your cat family when I’m watching YouTube as I am unwinding each day. Thanks for sharing your message and your lucky family!!

  • I have three beautiful cats ,Inna was a feral rescue she still a little wild and reserved shes 14 years old. Mercipluto my black cat rescue is the teenager of the group Rossino is the wise ginger cat who looks out for the cat treo from all intruders including the neighbors chickens.

  • I have two cats, a tortie named Dori and a huge Russian Blue looking boy named Buddy. Dori will wake me up in the middle of the night, sometimes by sticking her cold, wet nose into mine. I could prevent this by closing my door, but I could never do that to Buddy. He was found by animal control in a snow bank aged four weeks. My parents took him home a month later and he soon became quite attached to me, often kneading into my left arm pit. I Guess that was his teat when his was a baby. Luckily he grew more confident and didn’t seem to upset when I left for college last year, at least when compared to our dogs. I, on the other hand, openly missed him and am willing to put up with his sister’s high jinks incase he wants to cuddle before I leave for this semester.

  • My grandpa has a cat her name is sandy because the day before sandy happened me an my sister slept over my grandpas house that morning he comes through the front door with a box a tiny little kitten was in it he found her outside a store on the side of the street their was other boxes with cats in it but sadly they were ran over by a car but he saved this cat we decided to name her sandy since it was the day before the hurricane she is very loved in our family we all love her an she loves us 💕

  • I have 2 12 year olds both sisters. Arwyn is my super shy but totally a love bug kitty who is a chocolate snowshoe Siamese/Balinese baby and her sister is the quiet but must be either in my lap, eating food, or sleeping on top of my tall bookshelf.
    but the thing is i do feed other feral/strays (one is a stray poor baby is declawed) I call them by names that they respond to Cali, the oldest of the feral/strays, lived for 17 years and passed away. Cugar the next oldest is shy but if you feed him he loves you to bits. Raven a new kitty a new mama and super friendly wants to join my family but i fear for my 2 since they are much older and doesn’t like much change.

  • I started watching your videos about 2 years ago after I acquired 6 ferals in my barn and I needed ideas and guidance on winter shelters, feeding and just general approach on taking care of feral cats. The mom cat has since left, 2 of the cats have disappeared and presently I have 3 girls who don’t get along so I am constantly trying new ways to entertain them to distract them from fighting. Plus, I have 2 indoor cats and 2 elderly dogs who love to take rides in their stroller together. Fun for them but a workout for me!

  • We have two cats. They are Midnight, who is black with a slight patch of white, and Streak, who is black and white.

  • We have Sylvester and Abby , both rescues. Sylvester was a feral rescue, ( 4-5 weeks old) with his sibling- tom. Tom and Sylvester did everything together. One day, tom disappeared. ( they were barn cats) Sylvester was devastated. We thought he was gonna die from loneliness. Stopped eating, just moped . My husband, who grew up on a farm, and had never had indoor cats, decided he couldn’t bear to lose Sylvester too, so he became an indoor cat. But, Sylvester remained sad. We went to a rescue cat day at a local pet store, saw Abby ( six months old) and fell in love. She came home, and Sylvester, who never truly got over his brother’s disappearance, grudgingly became friends with her. We still miss tom terribly.
    They are truly a wonderful addition to our family.

  • I have 2 kitties, an orange tabby who was a ferral and a tortie Maine Coon. They are the highlight of my day.
    I love your video’s and all your kitties are so cute and Boo is getting friendlier everyday.
    I love the kitties backpack and lunch box they are so cute.

  • I have three kitties! Aslan, who is an orange tabby (named after the lion in The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe). He was adopted with his sister, Cleo who is a tortie. She has lots of tortitude! We nicknamed her teddy bear eyes because she has big dark eyes lol. Our third cat is Bones, who is the oldest. We found her as a kitten. She was so skinny and tiny! That’s how she got her name. However she grew up and got SUPER fluffy! So it’s ironic now haha.

  • Hello!!!! I’d like to talk about my cat Magdalena that has come to my mother pregnant and starved, looking for help the beginning of this summer of 2017.

    She has three beautiful kittens: Yuca (White with grey), Caramelo (surprisingly black and not brown), and Grey, a small kitten that was kidnapped when it was only about 2 weeks old. Luckily it was returned and the mother cat is happier and calmer though in drastic need of visiting the vet…

    However, my mother ha s recently discovered that raccoons are living in our neighborhood and I have been fighting it for quite a while now with my mother and sister, staying up till midnight on some days.

    Though we are moving my mother has gotten permission to keep the mother cat. We all are trying our best to find the kittens an adopter and have made progress but there is a time limit.

    Since the beginning of Magdalena hanging out in our backyard, my sister and I have had many questions about feral cats and how to deal with them LuckyFerals has helped educate me on this matter and how to care for these cats.

    Thank you LuckyFerals for being there, and the vlog series of Boo has helped me sooo much this past month. Thank you!

  • My tuxedo cat was found outside a school meowing loudly and demanding attention. She is my fierce little girl for 17 years.

  • I have a beautiful orange senior cat. He is such a cuddle buddy and often sleeps in my hair or on my arm. He insists on inspecting the knitting projects. He also loves his laser toy, running after it.

  • What a cute prize package! It would be a fantastic birthday present! I’ve been feeding feral cats in my backyard since the spring of 2016. I now have two momma cats that each had three kittens. I was able to adopt out two of them to a friend that is spoiling them rotten with toys and plenty of love. I enjoy watching them grow and playing with the kittens. I wish I could find them all good homes. I love watching and following your videos. Cats are such amazing creatures. ♡

  • When I was a boy, my sister who was very sick, Had a wonderful cat, Large yellow male tabby, he was always by her side. My Sister taught me to love cats and music, her cat made the last 7 years of her life better, I learned that a cat can do things for you that nothing else can. I think of my Sister often and I always think of him also, I thank God that both of them were in my life.

  • I have 4 furbabies – Little Boy, Crazy Little Girl, Mitzi, and Bitsy. All but Crazy Little Girl were former ferals from my backyard/garage. The last 2 – Mitzi and Bitsy – were spayed and ear tipped and I was going to return them back outside, but after I let them heal up in my basement from their surgery, they decided they liked being indoor cats. Little Boy I socialized when he was first born, so he’s hardly got any feral left in him. The girls – well, different story. But we are all doing fine living together and being pampered like royalty! Crazy Little Girl was adopted from a shelter. 2 are all black. 2 are B&W tuxedos. All very well fed and loved 🙂

  • Hi and I Love your videos and all the cats are super!

    I myself take care of a feral colony and have two feral cats in my kitchen that I am rehabing and probably will be keeping unless I find a really understanding family that will be very patient with them. They are spayed and altered and are Black with white spots on their bellies. The little girl (Emma) is a purr bug, but will not let me touch her much…BUT…she talks to me alot. Her brother (Tyler) has finally decided that being petted at times is awesome and he doesn’t talk at all…and won’t cry either…so much memories of being out in the wild and having to be protective from everyone. Though he (Tyler) has experienced a bit of purring (a rough purr) when I pet him and get him to relax…

    Both of them have the softest fur ever and are very alert and beautiful despite one of their ears being tipped (the vet did that in case they would be released into the wild), BUT, it was very cold when that took place and too much snow and I just couldn’t do that to them…SOOOOOO….I have become their ‘step mom’ and probably will be their Mom. Time will tell.

    Thanks and God Bless all your efforts.

    Sherry 🙂

  • Hi! I just found your channel and i love watching your cats! My kitty Nutmeg Margarita is also a lucky feral that has been living with me for a little over a year now. She is a tortie/tabby girl with the prettiest golden green eyes. ♡♡ She LOVES Sheba pate in the little plastic serving size. She is SO PICKY about what she will and won’t eat! I hax 2 beautiful kitties named Callie and Ebony that enjoyed eating anything put in front of them! But my little Nut only loves pate and only loves Sheba. We have tried many kinds from regular to very special and natural foods. Some she will try…once. But she always wants to go back to little Sheba pate. I also got a Jackson Galaxy toy box infuser about a month ago. Nutmeg goes nuts over her toys that come out of it after a few days! Your kitties will also love it! Nutmeg also loves her dangly blanket material “string” attached to a plastic rod that I throw towards her. She loves to catch it and will do the wiggly rump crouch just before she strikes and catches it. It is her favorite toy. I even wad up the fabric string and stuff it in my infuser while leaving the rod outside of the box. She loves it even more when it smells like catnip!!

  • I have my cat Kuu (6) to keep me company. She is quite the scaredy cat sometimes, but other times she is the sweetest lovebug! Whenever she hears the can opener she comes running.😁 There is also my brothers cat Puffins (3), he loves to eat sour cream, spill cups, and go outside (one time he was lost for a whole week!😱). He acts a little like a feral cat and won’t let you touch his belly or tail. I love them both very much😊😊😊

  • I just very recently lost my cat Mouser, but I try to remember she lived a very long happy (and spoiled) life. She was my best buddy and the most amazing cat I ever got to take care of. She was always sensitive to my moods, and I was very sensitive to hers. We seemed to always know what the other needed. It’s been very hard without her, not having her run to the door to greet me when I got home from work, or to lay her paw on my arm when we went to bed, or to run around the coffee table playing her favorite game which was more or less similar to Ring Around the Rosie. 🙂 I will again go to a cat rescue / shelter for a new one but not just yet. In the meantime, I am SO happy to have found your YouTube channel and visit daily to watch what’s new, or to see how Stella, Simba, and Splash’s journey started, and to watch Hydrox and of course Boo. They’re individual personalities, and how you interact with them is enjoyable and educational too. I’ve already made lists of what I will purchase and use with my next cat (food and litter), and have already purchased some of the items that you have and review for us (cat beds/baskets, toys and scratchers) I would LOVE to win the giveaway of course, but I’m also happy to ride along as you share with us the goings on with your cats. LuckyFerals indeed!

  • Hi. I have 8 kits, at the moment. Oldest is 15, youngest is around 8 months. All are rescues. Over the past 13 years, I have had somewhere in the area of 16 different kits that I have taken care of, many ferrals. Thank you for what you do and God bless you and your babies!

  • I adopted my cat, Loni (named after actress Loni Anderson by her foster mom), four years ago. She is a black cat, like Boo. Her mom was living in a hoarder’s house and gave birth to her a few months after being moved to her foster mom’s home. Right after I signed all of the papers to adopt her, her foster mom said, “By the way… She does this weird thing. You might think it’s creepy at first, but you’ll get used to it.” The thing she was referring to was self-nursing. Loni’s (cat) mom, for whatever reason, wouldn’t nurse her as a kitten and she would suckle on her own belly when she was feeling stressed out or scared. Her foster mom was right, I did get used to it, although everyone else thought it was really weird.
    Loni and I moved from an apartment to a house about a year after I adopted her. She loves having tons of space to play and no longer self-nurses because she feels comfortable here. She has a buddy now, Reggie, who is also a black cat. They love each other and keep each other cozy when I’m at work. I think they are my two best friends and I love them more than 99% of the people in my life, if I’m being honest. I really don’t think I would be half as happy if they hadn’t come into my life.

  • My two cats Mouse and Jesse have crossed over the rainbow bridge. One was a tuxedo cat and we walked all over our neighborhood in Burbank CA. Jesse was a beautiful calico cat. I adopted her from an animal shelter in Burbank. I miss them but I will foster a cat at the senior living community I will be moving to in September.
    Laura Sanders

  • I have 6 furballs.. 4 of them are kitties. Spaz is our only male cat, he was a stray.. he ran in front of our car as i was pulling into a stop sign in the middle of winter… and layed down in front of our car.. after i called him over saying kitty kitty. So, i got out… parked at the stop sign to go grab him. We gave him flea baths, got him cleaned up and fixed and he is our big lover baby. Then there’s goose and duckie, they’re sisters and they were the only 2 in their litter from my fiances brothers cat, and punkin is our 8 month old kitten who acts more like a dog and has a very strong personality. They cheer me up on a daily basis, bad depression and anxiety and been in and out of hospital with abdominal pain past few months and they’ve made life enjoyable for sure!!!

  • I have 3 adopted cats named Yasmina, Mino, and Milo. Yasmina is a white cat with two different eye color (blue and green). She is the oldest cat among the three. She’s a bit mean as she always ignore us when we call her unless she feels like it. Meanwhile, Mino is an orange and white tabby. He’s the fattest of the three and really loves cuddles. He always sleep with me on the bed. Lastly, Milo is the mini panther in the house. He’s the sweetest out of the three. He always wait for me at home when I arrive from school and greets me with kisses. All of them are sweet cats. They take turns being my study buddy at night 😁

  • I subscribed and I LOOVVEE cats!!! My profile picture is my incredible cat honey chunkakoo or honey_chunk on instagram. She is the best thing to ever happen to me and I love her so much!!! I hope you find this comment and or check out my cats instagram (honey_chunk) her sister is baz_chunk

    P.S I recently taught my cats to ding bells for treatts!!!

  • At the moment I have 4 Lucky (ex-) Ferals — 17-year-old gray siblings Romeo, Mary & Belle, who were barn kittens, and 11-year-old Holly, who was tamed by a foster family through the awesome Petaluma Animal Shelter (then rejected by two adoptive families for aggression).

    Romeo is a medium-size silver tabby with tons of energy & affection; we play for an hour or two each night just to get him to settle down. If I try to skip it, he’ll find a feather toy, throw it into the air a few times, then walk around with in it in his mouth yowling mournfully until I give in.

    Mary is a small gray/white bicolor built like a fat bunny, with inexplicably ‘crimped’ fur on her back. The farmer called her Spitfire; I didn’t know why until I put my fingers into the carrier on the way home to let her sniff it and found a yowling, spitting demon-kitten flinging herself at them. Luckily she’s very sweet now; she tag-teams with Romeo in our nightly laser-chasing games, though sinus problems (vet’s not sure what yet) keep her from doing as much as she used to… 🙁

    Belle (“Dingbat”) is a small blue-gray with mildly crimped back fur and a folded-over ear. It’s impossible to stay in a bad mood around her: ever since her stroke, she bounds like a kitten, does ‘donuts’ like a car when she runs in a circle, falls over when she pounces, and licks the air when she scratches with her right hindleg.

    Holly (“Snoopycat”) is a large medium-hair black/white bicolor. She loves to pounce on things, then leap back and rocket away like it’s chasing her. I’ve never seen any of the aggression that the other adopters did; she’s afraid of the other cats, including Belle.

    I’m not superstitious, but Holly makes me wonder: she’s the spitting image of the first cat I nursed through terminal illness, including a huge heart-shaped white patch on her back where W went bald after an infected dog bite. When she first saw me walk into the store her shelter cage was in, she began mewing frantically, running along the wall to keep up with me and reaching through the bars, though I’m nothing like her foster-mom. Her official name (“Dawn”) was also the same as the file-name I gave my secret story journal as a teen.

  • Hello. I am a recent subscriber and love your Youtube Channel.

    I have four cats that bring much joy to me. They are Pookey, Moonbeam, Tony and Grey and they are adorable and very affectionate rescue cats. When I am at work I really look foreward to going home to them and distress.

    I am working with my other neighbors to look after a cat colony that is in our properties. The head matriarch is a tuxudo cat that I have named Marie. She appears to be the mother/grandmother/great grandmother of all the cats. She is so tame and affectionate that I highly suspect she was a house pet at one point.

    She recently disappeared for three days and I was highly sadden. I visited the local shelters but couldn’t find her. When she suddenly reappeared I was very happy and got her microchipped and got her a pink collar with a tag just in case.

    It appears I am one cat away from being the crazy cat person. lol

  • I’m trying to leave a comment about my Princess Shana relating to the Back To School event. She is an all black cat who is more human than cat. Don’t know what I’d do without her. I’ll be sending a picture.