Aldi Workzone 2000w Portable Inverter Generator Review Unboxing Setup

This is a video unboxing and review of the Workzone 2000 Watt Generator that can be purchased at Aldi. This is the first inverter generator that I have purchased or used and I bought it to have in case of power outages. For the price, I am very happy with its power and features.

This same generator (or very similar) is also selling as the:
Pulsar PG2000iS:
DuroMax XP2000iS:
Powerbuilt S2000is:
Powermate 2000I:
Westinghouse iGen2200:

Unboxing: 1:59
Setup: 3:53
Running: 8:27


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  • this generator looks like a really good aldi find , and should serve you well. remember the higher rpm it runs uses more fuel, so keep the eco switch on when using it. it will determine how fast it needs to spin on its own, thus saving fuel. keep a can of fresh gas handy, as old fuel could gum it up. if it handled the 1800 watt hair drier without tripping out on overload its a very good deal. a good generator of this type actually trips out at about 1900 watts. thanks for your review.test it some more. plug it into your little freezer, then after generator is warmed up and running, open freezer door. this will force the freezer to start. if it starts and runs freezer in eco mode, ,you know and can save fuel. that’s better than having to leave it in regular mode. then do another review once you have or doing the freezer start and run test.

  • Great Review, very thorough and informative – I just bought one of these generators in anticipation of the hurricane here in NC. Hope not to have to use it, but thanks to your video, I know exactly what i need to do to get it up and running!

  • what was the price when you bought it ?? ________________ as we speak , it is in the Weekly special for $379.99 , which to me sounds expensive ?? many thanks.. joe