Boo Year 2 # 146 – A Broken Bowl, New Lucky Rugs, Stella Is So Smart

Boo Day 599 The raccoons tore the rubber off of one of the stainless steel bowls. Stella was hissing and swatting at Hydrox. Boo was relaxing with Ratty in the cat tower. Stella loves to lay in a round bed. Hydrox had dinner. Days have been going by way too fast and I finally put out the seasonal St. Patrick’s Day new lucky rugs. Hydrox ate a lot of food. Stella looked very pretty relaxing on the play rug. The cats had crunchies.



Lucky Ferals is a daily web series soap opera starring former feral cats Stella and her sons, Splash and Simba, as well as estranged boyfriend Boo. Hydrox, who is maybe Boo's father and the boys' grandfather, makes special appearances as do various other distant or not so distant family members. Subscribe at because feral cats can be fabulous!

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