Boo Year 2 # 230 – Sponge Baths For The Cats, Chicken Necks, Massive Vomit

Boo Year 2. Episode 230. Boo Days 724 and 725.

In this episode:
Stella and Boo got sponge baths. The cats had Natural Balance Chicken And Liver Pate for dinner with some fresh raw liver mixed in. They also each had a piece of a chicken neck. Boo ate too much food. Ominous storm clouds rolled in. Simba enjoyed his chicken neck. I found a massive amount of vomit in Boo’s room. The cats had a crunchie picnic.

Boo was very happy and content after eating his dinner.
Hello Boo - Cute Black Cat

Stella wanted a sponge bath.
Stella wants a sponge bath

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Lucky Ferals is a daily web series soap opera starring former feral cats Stella and her sons, Splash and Simba, as well as estranged boyfriend Boo. Hydrox, who is maybe Boo's father and the boys' grandfather, makes special appearances as do various other distant or not so distant family members. Subscribe at because feral cats can be fabulous!

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