Cat Food Taste Test Challenge: Trader Joes vs 4Health

Cat Food Taste Test Challenge

A good way to see if your cat or cats like one food over another is to give them a cat food taste test challenge. Simply put some of each type of food next to each other on their plate or in their bowl and see which one they eat first and which one they eat the most of. Sometimes there is a clear and easy winner and other times it seems as if the cats like them both equally.

I recently did a cat food taste test challenge with my cats and two different but similar foods. The cats like Trader Joe’s Ocean Fish, Salmon and Rice Dinner wet food and they also like 4Health Chicken and Whitefish Dinner. I was curious to see if they liked one more than the other. Both foods are sold in 5.5 ounce cans. I gave each cat 1/4 of a can of each food on their plates, making sure that the Trader Joe’s food was on the left and 4Health food was on the right so there would be no differences in how the cats were served their food.


It seemed that the cats liked both of the foods equally. Boo’s plate had an equal amount of both foods left on it. The other plates had varying amounts of both foods with two plates having more 4Health left on it and one plate having more Trader Joe’s left on it. When I was filming the video, I called it a tie. However, when I was editing the video, it seemed that the Trader Joe’s food was the winner because it looked like more of that had been eaten. Either way, it was a very close challenge because the cats do like both of these foods.

The cost for a can of the Trader Joe’s food is 89 cents and it is available at Trader Joe’s.
The cost for a can of the 4Health food is 69 cents and it is available at Tractor Supply.

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