Deck Hand Tuna Purrlicious Kitty Treats For Cats – Taste Test and Review

Deck Hand Tuna Purrlicious Kitty Treats For Cats

The cats love to try new and different treats. I like it when the treats are healthy for them with all natural ingredients. A few weeks ago, I was shopping in Whole Foods when I spotted these Deck Hand Tuna Purrlicious Kitty Treats. I thought they looked interesting so I decided to buy them for the cats.

The first thing that I do before I buy any food or treats for the cats is to read the ingredients. These treats have a nice short list of ingredients. They are:Pole & Line Caught Tuna, Pole & Line Tuna Concentrate, Modified Tapioca.

The packaging says “The tuna in every treat of Deck Hand is caught one at a time using the Pole and Line method for sustainability. Gluten Free and packed with protein, it’s just what your little Deck Had needs to stay healthy. No Fillers. No Preservatives. Plenty of Love.”

There are about 200 treats in a bottle. Each treat has 15 calories. They are “Custom packed in Thailand”.

The treats themselves are round wafers. They are a little less than 1 inch in diameter and they smell like fish oil. These treats are also extremely hard. In fact, they are so hard that it’s difficult to break them into smaller pieces with your hands. You need to smash them with something hard to do that. (see video above)

Taste Test and Cat Opinions

The cats all got to try the treats and only one out of the four cats liked them. Stella tried one and spitted it out. Splash did not even want to try one. Boo tried one to be a good sport but then he would not eat any more of them. Simba gladly finished all of the treats that the other cats would not eat.

Since this video was filmed, Simba has only eaten these treats one or two more times and now refuses to eat them also. It looks like I will be putting the rest of these treats outside for one of the local ferals to eat.

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