How To Use YouTube: App Tutorial 2020 * Don’t Miss New Videos!

How To Use YouTube

Many people have told me that they don’t get notified about new videos that are posted on the Lucky Ferals YouTube channel even though they are subscribers. Many people have also told me that they don’t see when the channel posts new videos. In an effort to help them, I have created an app tutorial video about how to use YouTube.

This is a full tutorial that shows you how to use the YouTube app so you don’t miss new videos from the channels that you are subscribed to. It explains all of the various sections of the app, what they are, what kind of videos they feature, and where to find the content that you want to see from the channels you are subscribed to.

YouTube Subscriber Notifications

If we look at the notification stats for the channel, we can see that only about 15% of the subscribers have all notifications turned on and only have of those have notifications enabled for their YouTube app. So about 93% of the subscribers are not being notified about new videos, live streams or community posts.

YouTube Subscriber Notifications

App Tutorial

I hope this video is helpful for you to better understand why you may not be getting notified about new videos that you would like to watch. By following the steps illustrated in the video, you will be able to make sure that you do.

One thing not covered in the video, is making sure that you have notifications turned on for the YouTube app itself. To do that, you would…

1) Go to settings on your device.
2) Go to notifications
3) Scroll down to the YouTube app in your list of apps.
4) Select it and select Allow notifications.

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