Lucky Ferals Greeting Cards And Limited Edition Hydrox Happy New Year Items

Let’s chat about Lucky Ferals Holiday Greeting Cards and new limited edition Hydrox Happy New Year Cards and stickers. All are available at the Lucky Ferals Webshop at and at the Lucky Ferals Etsy Shop at



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  • Just found your u tube postings and love it…Will have to go back and watch the beginning of the journey with them…looks like the title is appropriate ….they are lucky!!!! Ferals… will be interesting watching how you get them to warm up and accept your human presence…we also have all strays and feral cats as fur babies…they give so much love and are so appreciative of food and shelter…watching the difference in them when they sleep is so awarding…totally relaxed never on guard and fear constantly….hardest thing for us is getting their trust so we can actually pick them up and take them to our veterinarian to have them checked out and doctored…we never introduce any cat to the family before they have been completely checked out and that is frustrating at times because of the time it takes for them to trust humans…it’s so refreshing seeing there’s people like you caring for these animals…yes…lucky ferals