A Torn Window Screen, New Baby Deer, Mail Time, Ditto In The Yard – S3 E2

Lucky Ferals Season 3. Episode 2.

In this episode:

Day 735. Stella likes to lay on damp towels. Simba makes eyes at me when he wants food. Hydrox was laying under his pet cot. I gave Hydrox food. He’s been hanging out in the middle of the patio all night.

Day 736. The cats left me a present wrapped up in a rug. I think Splash did it. Boo wanted to eat on the step instead of the pizza tray. Simba tore a hole in the window screen. There are two new baby deer in the woods. Hydrox had dinner.

Day 737. Splash was sleeping on the sofa. It was mail time. Thank you to Kim B and Tinkerbell. Thank you to Sharon and Sundae. I tried to explain to Hydrox why he doesn’t have his box anymore. He ate dinner. He swatted at the brush.

Day 738. Hydrox ate breakfast. Ditto was hanging out in the yard. The cats had canned food instead of crunchies.

Splash under the chair.

Cautious Hydrox

How are you Hydrox?

Talking to Hydrox.

Ditto hanging out in the yard. He/she looks alot like Hydrox.



Lucky Ferals is a daily web series soap opera starring former feral cats Stella and her sons, Splash and Simba, as well as estranged boyfriend Boo. Hydrox, who is maybe Boo's father and the boys' grandfather, makes special appearances as do various other distant or not so distant family members. Subscribe at http://www.youtube.com/luckyferals because feral cats can be fabulous!

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