Raccoon Testing The Raccoon Proof Feral Cat Feeder Hydrox Watching

The raccoon proof feral cat feeder will be a year old next month. It has worked perfectly to keep the raccoons out of the food dispenser. Since they haven’t been able to break into it, I have just found out that they have resorted to sticking their paws as far up the food chute as they can to try to knock free any stray nuggets that might be remaining on the conveyer belt. Hydrox seems to be friends with them. PetSafe Automatic Cat Feeder on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2e1FoCn



Lucky Ferals is a daily web series soap opera starring former feral cats Stella and her sons, Splash and Simba, as well as estranged boyfriend Boo. Hydrox, who is maybe Boo's father and the boys' grandfather, makes special appearances as do various other distant or not so distant family members. Subscribe at http://www.youtube.com/luckyferals because feral cats can be fabulous!

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