Stew Leonard’s Paramus, So Many Helicopters, A Conversation With Stella – S3 E20

Lucky Ferals Season 3. Episode 20. In this episode:

Day 786. Boo gets embarrassed when I talk about his bodily functions. Splash has been hanging out on top of the sofa. Let’s check out the Grand Opening of Stew Leonard’s in Paramus, NJ. Ditto came by for dinner. Hydrox continues to eat well. Splash was hanging out near me when I was sitting on the floor.

Day 787. Boo continues to use the litter box that he never used before. He’s still acting normal. There were lots of helicopters in the sky because a car got hit by a train. The cats don’t like to play when they want food or crunchies.

Day 789. Boo is back to drinking good amounts of water. The cats dig their litter differently based on how they are going to use the litter box. Let’s hang out with Stella on the sofa and talk to her. Someone messed up the blinds. I noticed headlights on the deer outside.


Lucky Ferals is a cat family vlog starring Stella, her boyfriend Boo, their sons Splash and Simba, and their older relative Hydrox (all formerly feral cats). Guest stars include Ditto, other feral cats from the local tribe, raccoons, possums, skunks, deer, geese, squirrels, birds, groundhogs, bugs, and more. Join them in their daily adventures. Tune in for cat product reviews, cat food reviews, live streams, giveaways, and lots more.

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