Adjusting To Work At Home, A Visit From Super Boo, St. Patrick’s Day For Cats – S3 E92

Lucky Ferals Season 3 Episode 92. In this episode:

Day 966 – The cats were all taking an afternoon nap. Stella was talking to Hydrox.

Day 967 – Stella was hanging out in her Haunted House. I saw a giant X in the sky. I later learned that’s where they mark the sky to spray c-trails. Hydrox meowed at me to refill the automatic feeder. It was mail time. Thank you to Tim Smith and Family and Dward’s Kitties. Ditto was prowling around the neighborhood. All the stores have started to close early. The cats had dinner. I gave Splash a dried sardine.

Day 968 – It was St. Patrick’s Day. The cats got some new crinkly ball toys. They had breakfast on St. Patrick’s Day plates. Let’s be careful to make sure our cats are not stressed out and anxious. Super Boo came by to visit. Simba wasn’t too thrilled about dressing up. The cats had some play time.

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Lucky Ferals is a cat family vlog starring Stella, her boyfriend Boo, their sons Splash and Simba, and their older relative Hydrox (all formerly feral cats). Guest stars include Ditto, other feral cats from the local tribe, raccoons, possums, skunks, deer, geese, squirrels, birds, groundhogs, bugs, and more. Join them in their daily adventures. Tune in for cat product reviews, cat food reviews, live streams, giveaways, and lots more.

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