Do Cats Think? Stella vs Boo vs The Cat Food Touch Feeder

Do Cats Think?

Do cats think? This video is a very interesting observation of cat behavior and illustrates the fact that cats are definitely capable of logical thought.

I put the touch feeder that dispenses dry food on the floor. Stella loves to use this dispenser and is the best at getting the dry food out of it. I refer to dry food as crunchies.

So Stella was happily using the feeder and dispensing crunchies, which she was eating, when Boo came by and bopped her on the head and ate her food. Obviously, she wasn’t happy about that, so she moved to the other side of the feeder and away from Boo.

She then showed Boo how to get some crunchies out and let him eat them. And she tried to teach him how to get the crunchies out so they could share what came out. But Boo didn’t want to share. He wanted to eat all of the crunchies himself.

When Stella realized that, she decided there was no reason to teach him how to use the feeder or to dispense any more food for him, so she stopped and she walked away.

If anyone tells you that cats are not capable of rational thought, have them watch this video.

The Touch Feeder

Boo received the touch feeder as a birthday present a few months ago for his 5th birthday. I thought he would love it since he loves crunchies so much. Instead, Stella loves it and she has pretty much taken it over. I bought it at The Christmas Tree Shop over a year ago and was originally going to give it to the cats for Christmas but they had so many other presents that I put it aside for a later date. Unfortunately, it is no longer available there.

Here is a link to where you can buy a similar touch snack dispenser on Amazon:

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