Ditto Day 1 – Feral Cat’s First Day In A Recovery Crate

Ditto Day 1 – A Feral Cat’s First Day Inside

Season 4 Episode 145 of the Lucky Ferals Cat Family vlog features Ditto Day 1, Ditto’s first day in a feral cat recovery crate, plus more including:

Day 1388 – Ditto spent his first day in a recovery crate. Boo was a little upset. Ditto got his meds. All of the other cats, except for Splash, were given a dose of Revolution as a flea preventative. Ditto did not want to leave his crate. I gave him a softer blanket to lay on. Ditto was a very good patient. He ate well and spent the day relaxing.

Feral Cat Recovery Crates

Ditto was set up in a feral cat recovery crate which was a Top Paw 36″ folding metal dog crate that I purchased at PetSmart. A 36″ crate is a good size for a cat because it has room for the cat to relax and stretch out as well as room for a food bowl, water bowl, and small or medium sized litter box. It fits through doorways and it also can fit in the back of an SUV. It helps to keep the cat safe and off of their feet when recovering from a leg injury.

Here is a link to 36″ folding metal dog crates on Amazon: https://amzn.to/3cxe6VC

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