Ditto Day 5 – Feral Cat Recovery, Flowers For Ditto, Who Knocked Over The Cat Tower?

Ditto Day 5 – Feral Cat Recovery

Season 4 Episode 149 of the Lucky Ferals cat family vlog features Ditto Day 5, Feral Cat Recovery, flowers for Ditto, a cat tower that was knocked down and more, including:

Day 1392 – Ditto slept on the day sofa all night. He had breakfast in bed. He made a mess of the towel so I gave him a fresh one. I put some fresh flowers in his room to cheer him up. He was hanging out under the day sofa. I sprayed some of the Pet Remedy Spray on the towel. I gave him a tuna Churu. I brushed him a few times. Someone knocked down a cat tower. Ditto had dinner in bed and he let me sit next to him. He’s been putting more weight on his injured leg. All of the other cats have been on good behavior. I tried to pet Ditto but he wasn’t very happy with that. Ditto had some shredded chicken as a snack. Ditto slept on the day sofa.

“Got That Feeling” by Peter Sandburg
“December Feeling” by Vendia

Pet Remedy Spray

I have found that Pet Remedy Spray is not only useful for relaxing cats, but it’s also great for attracting cats. I spray it in carriers when I need to get a cat in a carrier. I also sprayed it in the humane cat trap when I needed Ditto to walk into the trap. If I spray it on a rug, the cats like to roll around on it.

Here is a link to Pet Remedy Spray on Amazon: https://amzn.to/3vBI4P9

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