Feral Kitten Socialization – Simba’s First Video Inside The House

I don’t have any video of Simba’s first night inside. I remember that he purred all night as he slept under an end table. He cried to go outside around 5am so I let him out. This is the earliest footage I could find from a few days later. Keep in mind, he was always the most easy going kitten.


Lucky Ferals is a cat family vlog starring Stella, her boyfriend Boo, their sons Splash and Simba, and their older relative Hydrox (all formerly feral cats). Guest stars include Ditto, other feral cats from the local tribe, raccoons, possums, skunks, deer, geese, squirrels, birds, groundhogs, bugs, and more. Join them in their daily adventures. Tune in for cat product reviews, cat food reviews, live streams, giveaways, and lots more.

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  • He has such a sweet face!
    He is so trusting and knows you won’t hurt him. How lucky you both are to have found eachother♡