Feral Kittens On The Patio. Feral Kitten Sees Ice For The First Time.

Feral Kittens On The Patio

Let’s flash back to August 12, 13, and 14th of 2016. It was a very hot few days. Stella and her two sons Splash and Simba were feral cats living outside. I gave them some water with ice. Simba enjoyed watching the ice and playing with it. The cats relaxed under the house to keep cool. I think it was the first time that Simba had ever seen ice. These feral kittens were born at the end of April or the beginning of May so ice was something completely new for them. Simba was amazed by it.

Keeping Outside Cats Cool During Hot Weather

During hot weather, it’s very important to make sure that cats living outside have plenty of fresh water available to them. Dehydration and heat exhaustion can be a serious issue. A good supply of fresh water helps to keep the cats hydrated. I like to put ice cubes in the water also. The ice cubes help to keep the water cooler and also entice the cats to play with them which also leads to them consuming more water.

Shade is also very important. Temperatures are much cooler in shady places than in full sun. Cats need some place out of direct sunshine to relax. If no naturally shady areas are available, like under trees, shrubs, or parts of buildings, it’s important to provide something that will provide them with some shade.

Cats are very smart animals and they will naturally find the coolest places to relax and spend their time. When Stella, Splash, and Simba used to live outside, they found that the coolest place was in the little alcove underneath my house. It was shaded so the concrete stayed cool, and it also had a nice cross breeze. It was also close to the water bowls.

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