October Is International Black Cat Awareness Month

October is International Black Cat Awareness Month. Let’s use this month to celebrate black cats!

There are many old myths and superstitions about black cats that people still believe because it is programmed into them since they were children. What child hasn’t grown up with the myth that it’s bad luck if a black cat crosses their path? I think we’ve all heard that one.

Many people automatically associate them with witches and evil things because there are old stories of witches shape shifting and disguising themselves as black cats. And that’s the main reason why black cats are associated with Halloween. They have been sold to us as part of Halloween imagery over the past century or so and are intentionally made to look scary and evil just to sell Halloween related products.

I grew up with several people who were afraid of black cats. They had no direct experience with them. They had never met a black cat or come across a black cat in their life, yet they were afraid of them. The only reason why is because they were mentally programmed to be afraid of them.

So not only do we need to use this month to celebrate black cats, we need to take this time to work to unprogram people. It’s time to get rid of these old myths and superstitions and replace them with truth. Black cats are just as lucky as every other color of cat. In fact, they might even be more lucky. Many cultures around the world consider black cats extremely good luck to have around. Also, like all other cats, black cats are sovereign creatures; they each have their own soul, their own being, and their own unique personality. They’re friendly, they’re kind, and they are full of love.

People’s mental programming with regards to black cats has gotten so out of control that shelters won’t even adopt them out during the month of October because many times they’re adopted to use as a prop for a Halloween party or an event and then are abandoned or worse after the holiday. We need to expose the truth about black cats and change people’s thinking so that black cats do not suffer from cruelty and harm during the Halloween season. 

Now, if we want things to change in a positive direction for black cats, we can’t do that through the use of negative energy; and fear and worry are two forms of negative energy that are currently associated with black cats. People are programmed to fear black cats and also to worry if a black cat crosses their path. We need to work to get rid of that fear and worry in association with black cats.

Even If we love black cats, and want nothing but the best for them, if we generate fear and worry within ourselves with regards to black cats during this month of October, we’re actually contributing to the problem of that negative energy being associated with them. So we need to make sure that our thoughts and feelings with regards to black cats are only positive energies of love and compassion versus fear and worry.

Let’s use this month to consciously notice how black cats are being portrayed in television, movies, books, advertising, consumer products, decorations, wherever you see them. There’s been a whole lot of black cat items hitting the stores over the past two months and while I think many of them are a whole lot of fun because they celebrate black cats, there has been quite a few of them that I do not support at all because of the way they portray black cats and the way that they associate them with evil or magic or bad luck or being used as a witch’s prop.

Please take this month to really pay attention to the imagery and stories that we have been sold and told about black cats over the past hundred years or so and let’s work to change people’s ideas and perceptions about them. It’s really up to us who are already aware of how great and amazing black cats are to change other people’s awareness and to bring them to the same level of awareness that we have with regards to the truth about black cats.

Let’s make sure that we all participate in this International Black Cat Awareness Month by helping to change people’s ideas and awareness about black cats.


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