A Broken Power Adapter, Freaked Out Cats, Grandma Feral’s Pillow – Lucky Ferals S3 E1

Lucky Ferals Season 3. Episode 1.

In this episode:

Day 731. Stella got brushed. Simba got brushed. Boo got brushed. Stella and Boo were laying on the bed together. The power adaptor for my laptop broke. The cats tried Healthy Gourmet Ocean Fish and Tuna Entree Cat Food.

Day 732. I went food shopping and bought cat food and raw meat to make home made cat food. Hydrox was hanging out at the back door. The cats were freaked out by something in the yard.

Day 733. Stella likes to sit at the kitchen table with me. Simba took a ride in the stroller and hung out with me on the patio.

Day 734. Simba reminded me that I forgot to feed the cats crunchies before bedtime. Grandma Feral’s cat pillow manifested a look-alike cat at the door. Hydrox was hanging out in the bushes. Boo got pets on the bed.


Lucky Ferals is a cat family vlog starring Stella, her boyfriend Boo, their sons Splash and Simba, and their older relative Hydrox (all formerly feral cats). Guest stars include Ditto, other feral cats from the local tribe, raccoons, possums, skunks, deer, geese, squirrels, birds, groundhogs, bugs, and more. Join them in their daily adventures. Tune in for cat product reviews, cat food reviews, live streams, giveaways, and lots more.

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  • The kneading you mention starts when they are nursing as newborns. They use their paws on either side of the nipple and drink the milk while they press up an down on their mother as they nurse.
    I think when an adult cat does this it takes then back to those days.