A Cat Castle For Stella’s 5th Birthday! New Summer Rugs For Cats – S3 E124

Season 3 Episode 124

Season 3 Episode 124 of the Lucky Ferals cat family vlog includes a cat castle for Stella’s 5th Birthday, new summer rugs for cats, and more.

Day 1058 – Hydrox meowed for breakfast. Stella got a cat castle for her 5th birthday! She also got some new summer rugs to lay on.

New Summer Rugs For Cats

I’m so happy that the “non-essential” retail stores around here have started to open. The first day that they did, I went to as many of them as I could since about half of them were still not open and would not be opening for another week. (Those included TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Home Goods, Burlington, etc.) The Christmas Tree Shop was one of the stores that were open so I made sure to go there.

I usually go to the Christmas Tree Shop about once or twice a month, mostly for small gifts and their seasonal decor and decorations. I also like to get their small accent rugs for the cats since they’re inexpensive (about $2.99 each), are seasonal, and pretty much disposable so if a cat pukes on one of them, I can just throw it out instead of spending lots of time and effort trying to clean it. When I went there, I was really happy to see that they had some new summer themed rugs in so I bought a few for the cats. I bought one to put downstairs where Stella likes to lay and I bought another one to put by the back door because I like to have a rug there. Stella was very happy with her new rugs.

A Cat Castle For Stella’s 5th Birthday!

Stella also got a new cat castle for her 5th birthday! This was purchased at And That which is the name of the new Christmas Tree Shops that are opening. I guess many people get confused with the name Christmas Tree Shops and think they only sell Christmas Trees and Christmas decorations. They do around Christmastime but the rest of the year they sell all kinds of other seasonal items as well as other general household goods. They even have a pet section.

I bought Stella’s Cat Castle in their pet section about a year ago. Like most retail stores, you have to buy things when you see them because if you wait and then go back, they won’t have it any more. So I’ve had it waiting for her and since Boo smashed the Haunted House cat scratcher and also Stella’s Christmas Camper cat scratcher, I thought it was the perfect time for her to get her new Cat Castle.

It took a little while for her to get used to it but now she loves it.

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