A Hungry Possum, Misunderstandings Among Cats, Play Time For The Cats

Lucky Ferals Season 3 Episode 87. In this episode:

Day 955 – The cats are getting brushed every morning. Hydrox was meowing at me. The cats had breakfast. Boo likes to lay on the tablet while he watches videos.

Day 956 – The living room was a mess after the cats had a party. Stella likes to sit on a chair in the kitchen and watch birds through the window. Splash likes to sit on dining room chairs. A possum came by to eat some food.

Day 957 – Boo wanted to play with Stella but she thought he was attacking her. Splash got mad and then attacked Boo. Boo messed up the rug again. Boo and Stella had some play time. Hydrox was acting weird and then Ditto showed up. The cats had dinner.

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Lucky Ferals is a daily web series soap opera starring former feral cats Stella and her sons, Splash and Simba, as well as estranged boyfriend Boo. Hydrox, who is maybe Boo's father and the boys' grandfather, makes special appearances as do various other distant or not so distant family members. Subscribe at http://www.youtube.com/luckyferals because feral cats can be fabulous!

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