Boo Day 246 – Cool It Stella And Hydrox Likes It When I Talk To Him – Training A Feral Cat

Stella is not avoiding Boo’s door or room nearly as much as she used to. The cats all had their morning vitamin treats together. Boo got his new Easter plates. Hydrox likes it when I talk to him. Stella wanted to play with the toy Boo was playing with when he was playing with it but then he jumped at her and she got mad at that. She growled and hissed and kept growling for some time after that but it was funny because everything time I told her to stop she shut right up only to start again a little while later, etc. The Trixie 5-In-1 Activity Fun Board was put downstairs for Stella, Splash, and Simba to use overnight. Stella would not let me go to sleep until I defrosted the raw food.


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