Boo Day 247 – Was Hydrox In A Fight? Boo Tries The Trixie Brain Mover For Cats

Disclaimer: As I’m typing this description (after the video has been edited, rendered, uploaded, and processed), I’m realizing that some people are probably going to lose their minds over the part of the video title that says “Was Hydrox In A Fight?”. Please note that the question is not included in the title as a direct question to viewers but as a description of the content of the video. As such, please refrain from leaving comments full of fear, worry, and related negative emotions. I know there are quite a few viewers who are prone to those kinds of things and it serves no constructive purpose. Please remember that these videos are filmed 3 days before they are posted.

Boo slept on the bed all night and used my legs as his pillow. Super Boo paid me a morning visit. All of the cats had vitamin treats together. Stella, Splash, and Simba ate all of the crunchies off of the 5-in-1 Activity Board. It looks like Hydrox had a scrape on his head and might have gotten into a fight with another cat. Boo tried the Trixie Brain Mover for the first time.


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