Boo Day 266 – Sushi Toys, Jackson Galaxy Catnip Vault, Royal Platter Of Peace, Simba Limping

Stella played with the peacock feather on the bed. The flowers and trees in the yard are starting to bloom. The cats opened some Easter presents. They got sushi toys for cats which they didn’t like too much. I finally opened up the Jackson Galaxy Vault Catnip Marinator and put the toys in there to see if it would help. The cats have a new Royal Platter of Peace to eat on together. Simba started limping. It’s an intermittent limp. I tried to put him in the cat crate so he could rest in their overnight and not jump or run and make it worse, but he broke out and escaped. He decided he would rather hide under the bed and hang out in my room away from the other cats.

Music: This Is A Jazz Space by Midnight North



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