Boo Day 279 – The Dogs Have Owners, A Happy Birthday Cat Cake And A Trip To Tractor Supply

The cats love their oat grass. Simba was limping more than ever on the anti-inflammatory pain relief cream from the vet so he’s off that and back onto herbs. I sprayed the whole house down with Relax My Cat essential oil spray to keep the cats calm while there is alot of activity in the house. The dogs got loose again and this time their owners went after them. It was a beautiful sunny day so I took a ride and visited Sugar Loaf Arts and Crafts Village and I went to Tractor Supply for the first time ever! Later we had a yummy homemade cat shaped birthday cake to celebrate my birthday and everyone wished Splash and Simba a Happy 2nd Birthday also.



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  • This picture of Splash is stunning. I know it will be a frame grab from the vlogs but I would love it if you could make a hi-res version available 🙂