Boo Year 2 #1 – Cat Mukbang, Cats Eating Raw Meat, Cat Loves Paper Bag

Days 366 and 367 – Boo loves to play with toys. The cats are all eating together on the same platter now. They love their primal raw cat food. Stella was hanging out by the windows in Boo’s room. The cats are reclaiming it again which is okay with Boo because he spends most of his time on the cat tower in the living room. Hydrox came by to eat. I harvest the first ripe cherry tomatoes from my patio plants. Stella has fallen in love with a paper bag. Hydrox was resting on the lawn but the neighbors were screaming at each other and it disturbed him. Simba loves the small old cat tower that I keep meaning to get rid of but don’t because the cats keep using it. He ripped the tag off of the throw rug. The cats had their night time crunchies.


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