Boo Year 2 # 114 A Deep Freeze, Mukbang With Boo, Dominance Games

Boo Days 547 548 549 The temperature dropped to 2 degrees. Everything outside was frozen solid. The winds were so strong that I thought the mini greenhouse might have blown away. The large scoops of homemade raw cat food take way too long to defrost and were still frozen when I wanted to feed them to the cats. I tied a toy mouse to the Undercover Mouse mechanism. It keeps the cats entertained. Simba and Splash keep playing dominance games. Hydrox continues to use the heated cat shelter. Warm chicken broth works well to reconstitute the Primal Raw Freeze Dried Rabbit Nuggets. Boo enjoyed that meal. Stella likes to lay in the sun. Splash now grooms himself all stretched out on the play rug in the middle of the room. Boo and Simba can be fussy eaters. Stella and Splash always eat well. Grandpa Feral stepped on Buddy’s paw. He thinks Buddy belongs to someone in the neighborhood because he/she is so friendly. Hydrox knows where I’m going to park my car before I do and waits for me wherever that is.


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