Boo Year 2 # 115 – Who Moved The Bowls? A Cozy Cabin Live Stream, Videos For Cats

Something took the bowls out of the heated Kitty Cafe. I checked the security camera and it was a raccoon. The cats had a rustic cozy cabin themed live stream complete with realistic catnip fish. Hydrox ate three portions of food because he didn’t eat when it was pouring rain out. The cats like to play with hunting toys at dawn. The raccoons took a few binder clips off of the bowl of the automatic feral cat feeder. The cats love to play with the Snakes For Cats video. Simba loves to chew on paper. I’ve never seen all four cats hanging out in the windows together. Buddy is becoming territorial at Grandma Feral’s house. Stella loves to play with the Cat Charmer video. It’s next to impossible to stay on a schedule when you have four cats.


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