Boo Year 2 # 125 – Boo Loves A Round Cat Bed, Cats By The Windows, Is Hydrox A Girl?

Boo has discovered that he really likes to lay in one of the round cat beds when there’s paper in the bottom of it. Stella likes to lay in that round cat bed also. Simba and Splash were hanging out together by the windows in Boo’s room. The cats tried some new cat food for dinner because I forgot to defrost raw food. They tried Natural Balance Platefulls Indoor Formula Chicken and Chicken Liver Formula In Gravy and also Merrick Backcountry Grain Free Kitten Recipe Cuts. Boo slept on one of the couch cushions all night then he went back to his favorite round cat bed. Boo and Stella hung out together in the round cat beds. Stella and Splash were hanging out in the sun by the windows. Boo was on the floor. Simba got an afternoon snack. From the backside, Hydrox might not be a boy.



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