Boo Year 2 # 156 – Trader Joe’s Haul, Stella The Lap Cat, Splash Meows

Boo Days 613 and 614. Stella got pets. The cats like dried tuna as a topping on their food. Stella has learned to sit on a kitchen chair and watch birds through the window. New Lucky Ferals four leaf clover note cards arrived. I bought more than 20 pounds of raw poultry at Trader Joe’s. Stella is becoming more of a lap cat. The cats had a mix of Tiki Cat and Trader Joe’s sardines for breakfast. Simba and Boo were standing on their dining table while they were eating. Reconstituted freeze dried raw food looks a weird shade of greenish gray. The cats know that if I point at them in a certain way, they’re in trouble. Splash has been meowing for crunchies.


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