Boo Year 2 # 168 – Easter Egg Yolks For Cats, Tasty Sticks, Cats Eating Squeeze Ups

Stella and Splash were sleeping together in the royal cat bed. When I was brushing Stella, she told me why she doesn’t like to wear clothes and why she doesn’t like it when Simba wears clothes. The cats ate their breakfast on Easter Egg shaped paper plates. They had egg yolks as a treat. Splash didn’t eat. I bought mesh food covers to try and protect the strawberries plants from birds and animals. Stella doesn’t like it when I work on my computer. The cats are getting felt carrots for Easter. I marinaded them in catnip. The cats had snack time with Tasty Sticks, Kitty Cravings Cat Treats, and Squeeze Ups.


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