Boo Year 2 # 174 – Grandma Feral Fed The Cats, A Cake For Splash And Simba, Mystery Cat On The Patio

Boo Days 644 and 645 Simba got brushed. Stella is shedding the most out of all of the cats. Hydrox ate a big breakfast. Grandma Feral gave Hydrox his dinner and he did not run away. She also fed the inside cats their dinner. She made a people cake with paw prints on it to celebrate Splash and Simba’’s third birthday. There was a black cat on the patio. I don’t know who it was. There was another black cat in the feeder. Hydrox was out on the patio with them. Splash and Simba love laying in the cat towers by the windows in the cat room aka Boo’s room. They got a container of fresh cat grass as a birthday treat. Simba loves cat grass. Boo and Stella were laying in the sun by the back door together. The cats had a pizza party. Splash likes to stay neat and clean.


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