Boo Year 2 # 177 – Mail Time, Grandma Feral Cat Sits, Flying To Nashville

Boo Days 649 and 650 Splash has been more vocal lately. I was packing for my trip to Nashville and Simba decided he wanted to hang out in my suitcase. Stella loves playing with the Catty Whack Electronic Cat Toy. Splash was hanging out in the cat tower. It was mail time. Thank you Nicole and Sara and Smartieplum! Grandma and Grandpa Feral also had mail time. Thank you Zoa and Smartieplum! Grandma Feral is cat sitting. She gave the cats their dinner. Stella loves sitting in her truck. Grandma Feral gave the cats their crunchies. Let’s take a tour of a hotel room at the JW Marriott in downtown Nashville, TN.


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