Boo Year 2 # 182 UNCENSORED – A Skunk, A Possum, Training Cats Where To Vomit

Boo Days 655 and 656 The cats were so happy that I was home, even though Simba was a little scared of me at first. The Catty Whack is Stella’s favorite toy. Simba and Stella were sleeping together on the bed. A skunk ate the food I put out for Hydrox. The cats had crunchies. The cats all let me brush them. Boo wanted to show you how handsome he is. Boo vomited up his breakfast. A possum ate the food that I put out for Hydrox for dinner. The possum was limping. Boo and Simba were sleeping on the bed together. Boo’s tail was between Simba’s legs.


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