Boo Year 2 # 19 – Splash On The Cat Condo, Simba In The Pet Stroller, Hydrox By The Cat Feeder

Boo Days 398, 399, and 400. I gave the cat a tub of water to play with. Splash’s new favorite spot is on top of the Cat Condo in the corner of the dining room. I put Simba in the pet stroller and put the cover down but didn’t zip it up. Hydrox was hanging out by the automatic feral cat feeder waiting for food. The next day I put Simba in the stroller again, still didn’t zip it up, but this time moved it around a little. Then I put some catnip in the stroller and put Simba in the stroller and zipped it up. Stella wouldn’t let me put her in the stroller. She cried and cried when I tried to put her in there. I gave the cats some Cat Crack Catnip as a reward. They spilled it on the rug and ate too much.



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