Boo Year 2 # 191 – Raw Cat Food With Bone Meal, An Arch For Hydrox, Catnip Plant Update

Simba was tearing up paper on the bed. The cats at the new homemade raw food made with bone meal instead of bones. The cats like to play with the new Play And Groom Scratcher. Hydrox ate all of his food. I gave Hydrox Boo’s broken arch. Stella loves her catnip plant. Stella sits next to me every time that I sit on the couch. Stella got a spa bath. Hydrox was meowing for food. I think Hydrox is eating food all over the neighborhood. The cats had crunchies. Boo slept on the bed.


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  • Like yoyr channel. very informative and interesting. you do a great job.
    i also wantdd to know where to get the big white ratty that cats have. i have three cats..simba look alike..and would like to get that for them. there was a star shaped hunting interactive toy that stella was playing with one day. i can’t seem to find that video to get the name. pkease help. thanks a bunch.