Boo Year 2 # 192 – Simba The Treat Thief, Sales Tax On Pet Food Rant, Smart Cats Learn To Spell

Stella loves to play with her interactive hunting toy. The cats ate their breakfast on watermelon plates. Simba likes to steal treats from the other cats. Let’s take a look at my freeze dried and frozen raw cat food haul. I don’t think there should be sales tax on pet food. The cats had Primal Raw Rabbit Nuggets for dinner. They haven’t had those in a very long time. Simba was laying on top of the pillow in the corner of the sofa. He was trying to butter me up for more crunchies. He’s very smart. He recognizes the word crunchies even when I spell it. Stella loves to lay in her royal bed. I gave the cats some extra crunchies.



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