Boo Year 2 # 40 – Bad News, Good News And The Day Before Boo’s Vet Appointment – Cat Reality Show

The cats ate their breakfast. It was raining pretty hard today. Hydrox was laying in the dry strip of ground next to the house. I put the tablet with the cat charmer toy video in the pet carrier. Stella likes to roll around with wet umbrellas. I found out that the manager at the pet store where I have been buying the raw food for the cats no longer works there. He had been special ordering their food for me so I left my order with someone else who is supposed to call me back with a status. I also found out that one of the vets at the holistic vets office where I took Simba earlier this year no longer works there. That was good news to me because that vet was the reason I didn’t take Boo there also. The cats has play time with the laser pointer. The cats tried Beech Nut Organic Carrots baby food. Stella, Splash, and Simba all had to stay downstairs because I have to bring a stool sample from Boo to the vet.



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