Boo Year 2 # 42 Pyrantel Pamoate For Cats, Reese’s Pinworm Medicine, Snow Globes Are Toxic To Cats

Boo Days 432 and 433 The cats all got StrongId suspension because some roundworms were found in Boo’s stool test. I bought Reese’s Pinworm Medicine because it has the same active ingredient as the Strongid which is Pyrantel Pamoate. A snow globe fell off the kitchen table and broke all over the kitchen floor. The liquid inside of a snow globe can be toxic to cats so the kitchen had to be carefully and thoroughly cleaned. All of the litter boxes were cleaned out and sanitized. There is a new stainless steel water pan in the feral cat water station. Hydrox came by for dinner on the patio. The cats are now eating their meals downstairs.




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