Boo Year 2 # 51 – Primal Cooler Bag, Freeze Dried Salmon, Trader Joe’s Dry Cat Food, A Ruined Rug

I got a free Primal cooler bag went to the store and bought some frozen raw food for the cats. Hydrox came by for food. I reconstituted some Vitalcat freeze dried salmon treats for the cats but they still didn’t like them, except for Simba. The cats tried Holistic Delights Creamy Bisque with Tuna and Coconut Milk. Stella and Boo liked it. The cats had play time with a laser pointer. The cats got paper towel showers. Hydrox came by for breakfast. The cats tried Trader Joe’s Dry Cat Food and Bench And Field Dry Cat Food. I refilled the outside automatic feral cat feeder with dry cat food for Hydrox. Something has been eating the leaves of my catnip plant and it hasn’t been a cat. (unless a cat has been sneaking into the greenhouse) The little So Very Lucky rug that Stella likes to lay on got ruined in the washing machine.



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