Boo Year 2 # 56 – Braver Splash, A Ball In A Box, And Chicken Liver – Cat Vlog Reality Show

Boo Days 460 and 461 Boo has been very finicky with what he eats. He ran around the house like a crazy cat and then vomited in his room. It was mail time. Splash let me pet him. The cats had Chicken Pot Pie Baby Food. Splash and Stella like to lay by each other. Splash was sitting on one of the chairs and laying on the bed. He’s getting braver. It was a rainy and gray day. Hydrox came by for food and he got fed underneath the patio table because it’s drier under there. Boo likes to play with a ball in a box. The cats were served raw chicken liver. They wouldn’t eat it. The cats tried dehydrated chicken liver. They wouldn’t eat it. The cats ate crunches.



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