Boo Year 2 # 6 – Cats Playing With Toys, Simba Hunting A Bug, PetSmart Soft Cat Food Haul

Boo Day 376 Boo, Stella, and Simba were all on my bed at the same time. Stella still loves the smell of the soap I use in the shower. The cats all had play time on their play rug in the living room. I moved all 4 Scratch and Rolls onto their play rug so they each have one to sit in. The cats ate breakfast together downstairs. Simba found a fly to hunt. Hydrox came around and I gave him some very soft pate food to eat but it was the last soft food that I had so I went to PetSmart to buy more. The cats all had crunchies together. I found new ants downstairs under the runner.



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