Boo Year 2 # 70 – Hydrox Is Talking More, The First Snow Of The Season – Cat Family Vlog

I’m happy the cats like the homemade raw food. Boo stares at my hands when he wants me to put something more on his food. Suddenly, Primal Raw Rabbit Nuggets are not his favorite food anymore. Boo loves playing with crinkle balls. Hydrox is starting to become more talkative. Stella has been talking to Hydrox. There is a good chance that Hydrox is Boo and Stella’s Dad. Stella walks with determination. Do cupcake wrappers work as disposable crunchy plates? Boo waits for crunchies on his breakfast. Hydrox has been letting me get closer to him. I recharged the outside security cameras and pointed one at the feral cat feeder and another at the feral cat shelters. It was mail time. We had our first snowfall of the season.


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