Boo Year 2 # 73 – Fussy Boo, Weighing Scoops, Hello Ditto, Splash In The Sherpa

I would like Boo to eat on the platters on the floor with the other cats and not on the stairs. Hydrox has been hanging out in the heated feral cat shelter. I weighed the scoops of homemade raw food and two scoops is the equivalent of a 3 ounce can of food. The scoops average one and a half ounces each. Boo wants to eat his breakfast on the play rug in the living room. The automatic feral cat feeder was refilled with dry cat food. Ditto came by for food. Exercise is a good natural remedy for constipation. The turkey returned to the daybed in Boo’s room. Splash was hanging out in the Sherpa Cat Carrier.


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