Boo Year 2 # 76 – Beef Baby Food For Cats, A Santa’s Hat Crinkle Sack, Ants Return

I returned home from a few days away to find Boo had messed up the rug in the hall and all of the cats ate all of the food in the feeders except for one meal which Boo did not eat. The cats tried Beef Baby Food for the first time. Boo and Stella liked it. The cats had reconstituted raw food for dinner. The cats got a Holiday Tails Santa’s Hat Cat Crinkle Sack because it was half price at Petco. The cats had their nightly crunchies. Boo was hanging out downstairs which he doesn’t normally do. I saw some ants downstairs so I had to put some ant bait around for them. I’ve never seen ants around this late in the year before. Hydrox was hanging out by the patio. I put more rugs on the patio for Hydrox to see if he likes them.


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