Boo Year 2 # 85 – Simply Nourish Cat Treats, Mail Time, Cat Bite, Hydrox Loves Squeeze Ups

The cats try Simply Nourish Chewy Chicken Treats. They don’t like them. Making my own raw food for the cats is saving more than $150 a month. All the cats have gained weight. The cats tried the new homemade raw food recipe. It’s taking some time for them to get used to it. Hydrox likes to relax in the sun. Stella was chattering at the birds. Boo took a nap with mini Boo. Hydrox came by the back door for dinner. It was mail time. We opened Christmas cards and a package. Grandpa Feral got bit by Buddy. Boo and Simba have been checking out Hydrox through the back door. Boo beat up Simba. Simba loves scratch offs. The cats had some Christmas catnip toys. The cats now prefer homemade raw food over Primal Raw Rabbit nuggets. Hydrox loves tuna soup.


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