Boo Year 2 # 99 – A New Batch Of Food For Hydrox, Pumpkin Puree For Cat Constipation

The cats got up early. None of the cats like getting up early. I made another batch of homemade raw food for Hydrox. I made it the same as the last batch but also added some parsley and grated zucchini. Homemade raw food for Hydrox costs $3.00 a day if he eats three scoops per meal. The inside cats eat about a scoop and a half each per meal so Hydrox eats twice as much as the inside cats do since he lives outside and it’s very cold out and he needs the extra calories to help keep him warm. I learned never to make raw food for the cats when they’re hungry. The cats had pumpkin mixed into their dinner because I still think they’re slightly constipated.


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