Boo Year 2 E4 – Stella And Boo Slept On The Bed Together, Weird Things In The Water Bowls

There was a new first for Splash. He let me pet him while he was sitting on the bed. The cats all ate together and Boo nipped at Simba. Boo and Stella both slept on the same bed all night. In the morning, Simba had to jump up and join them. All of the cats had some play time. The baby raccoons (I think) are leaving some kind of berries or seeds in the outside water bowls. The material on the pet lounge chair has gotten brittle and is breaking. Hydrox came by to eat. The baby raccoons came by to eat the leftover cat food. The cats all ate crunchies and Simba got back at Boo by swatting at him.

Music: If I Had A Chicken by Kevin MacLeod


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