Dear PETA: Killing feral cats is not the solution, and here’s proof!

Organizations like PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and Project Cat trap and kill feral cats. They advocate *against* Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR):

Their actions tell the world feral cats are disposable. They reinforce perceptions that feral cats are not worth spaying, neutering or compassionate care. Euthanasia doesn’t erase the hardships these cats may have already endured, it only ensures they will never experience joy.

To solve cat overpopulation, we must change the narrative about feral cats. Instead of reinforcing the belief that ferals are disposable, let’s start talking about how remarkable they are, so more people will care.

If you’d like to be a part of the humane solution, join or start a Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) effort in your community. Volunteer, donate, foster, adopt and become an advocate for feral cats. Make sure you research rescue organizations working with feral cats, and only support those who understand that feral cats are worthy of compassionate care.

Imagine what we all would have missed if PETA or Project Cat had been the ones trapping ferals in areas where cats are cared for and rescued. All of the beloved ferals listed below would have been euthanized, along with the hundreds that has TNR’ed:

Grandpa Mason and Cassidy the #MiracleKitten at TinyTuxies
With a Little Hope, Faith & Charity
Calvin’s Quartet
The Princess and the E.
Skye the Sink Cat
Greener Pastures: Corsica & Her Fabergé Egg
Miss Radley & Co.
QueEnara, Jet Set GO
Tiger Buffy Tales
Mr T Brady, Bill and Pliny- from the forest to the beach
Sloaney, Queen of My Heart
Maralix Take A Chance On Me
QB & Macey – From Hisses to Kisses
Ramses – Urban Feral to Country King
NoElf – Sisters in Spirit
Squidy Pyncy Joy-Joy

There are too many to even list! Which is actually pretty amazing proof that TNR + treat / socialize / adopt IS effective, and that feral community cats are WORTH SAVING.

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